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Chapter 15 - Can't Let Go

The boys had been on tour for about a  week and I was enjoying my beauty sleep and not having them wake me up at ungodly hours.

but someone else decided to interrupt my dreams that morning.

i woke up to my phone ringing.

I reached over and grabbed it off the bedside table.

"What?" i said tiredly.

"Hi. Is this Alexandra?" A high pitched voice said.

"Yeah... Who's this?"

"My name's Cassadee. I'm Rian Dawsons girlfriend."

"Cassadee Pope?"

"That's me."

"How'd you get my phone number?"

I sat up and looked at my clock.


"Mike gave it to Rian who gave it to me. They said we shoukd talk to each other and be friends."

I couldn't help it. I started laughing.

"Am i missing something?"

"Nope. My brother tripped and fell." I lied.

Kellin was probably still sleeping.

As if on cue, Kellin walked passed my room to go downstairs and tripped and fell.

I started laughing even more.

He stood up and pointed at me.

"You're not the evil monkey from Family Guy, Kellin. Sorry."

Now it was his turn to laugh. I heard Cassadee laughing from the other end of the phone.

oops. Forgot about her.

Kellin walked away and i continued to talk to Cassadee.

We talked for about an hour before she said she had to go.

"Okay. Well it was noce talking to you."

"Yeah. you too. I'll probably text you later or tomorrow or something." She said unsure.

"Alrighty. I'll let you go then."


She hung up and i went downstairs to see Kellin with a guitar in his hands.

"Jam with me, Lexi!" He said dramatically.

"uiuuuuuugh. Fiiiiinnnne" i said sounding like a small child.

we went and sat down on the couch and he started strumming.

"What song is that?" i asked not recognizing the tune fully.

He started singing and i recognized it perfectly.

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