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Chapter 9.

'I love you with all my heart. I've never cared about anyone more than you. It's been 3 years and i've wanted to do this for 2.' He dropped down on one knee and i looked at Vic behind him as their fans went crazy. They'd brought me out to do Hold On Till May with them and this happened after.

'Marry me?' Jaime asked with a smile but looked super nervous.

my hand went over my mouth and i felt hot tears spill over. i nodded my head and-

-i shot straight up in my bed.

"What the actual fuck..." i whispered to myself. I looked at my clock and saw it was already 4pm. I'd slept for 20 freaking hours. when we got home it was 7:30 and i fell asleep around 8.

I walked into the kitchen and saw the boys were all there except for Jaime.

"You guys let me sleep for 20 hours..." I said causing Vic to turn around and face me.

"We actually tried to wake you up 3 hours ago. You slapped me and rolled over." Vic said.

"I slapped you?!" I said laughing.

"Yeah. It kind of hurt!" He siad.

"I'm sorry. If i'm sleeping and someone touches me or something i ussually hit them."

"I shook your shoulder! I BARELY TOUCHED YOU!" Vic screeched.

"Where's Jaime?" I asked.

"He went out to do something or something. I don't know." Mike said and rubbed his eyes.


"I know."

"Oh! He did say to make sure you were ready by 5. That gives you 45 minutes." Vic said


I ran up stairs and had a shower. That left me with 15 minutes. Not enough time to blow dry, or straighten my hair. shit. I shook my head like a wet dog which dried it mostly so i just dried it a bit more with a towel and ran a brush through it. It quickly began to go into it's large waves making it only go to the arch of my back. The waves made it about 3 inches shorter. I didn't split my hair or anything so i was able to just push it back and let it all fall naturally. Of course, it would choose tonight to be impatient and uncoorpitive.

I put on a pair of black skinney jeans and grabbed my pure black converse. I had a black bra on underneath a black Iron Maiden shirt with the sleeves cut off. The shirt was really big so the sleeve hole things went down to my stomach.. Yeah.. Went all Austin Carlile style. okay.

I was just putting on a light layer of mascara, going for the natural-ish look, when Jaime came into my room, poking his head inside.

"You almost ready?" He asked.

I put my mascara down and said,

"Yeah. Just let me grab my wallet and phone and-"

"You don't need your wallet." He said interupting me.

I touched my back pocket and my phone was already there so i said,

"Then let's go."

"Phone?" He asked



"Bye!" We yelled as we left the house.

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