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Chapter 30 - Making Christmas

It was Christmas eve and i was sat in my room with an acoustic guitar on my lap and a notebook in front of me.

I had a few lyrics scribbled on the pages but not enough to make even a short song.

Suddenly someone knocked on my door.

"Yeah?" i yelled hoping whoever it was would here me.

"Can i come in?"



He opened the door and poked his head in.

"I heard a guitar so i thought i'd come check it out."

"Yeah. I uh... had a small idea for a song but couldn't get past these few lines."

he picked up my journal and read the lyrics out loud

"The waves have come to wash me away, I've fallen again and i dont think it'll help if i pray. The stars fall around me as i lay here, broken. I tried so hard to fix myself to be okay, but the past is over now this is the future. It won't even matter. What you went through. It's in the past, it never lasts. get in, and get over it. Darling, it won't last forver, this pain i could never forget."

He looked at the page in thought and said,

"I didn't know you could write songs so well. I've only ever heard you guys do covers. This is really good, Andy."

I smiled awkwardly and looked down

"Thanks. I can't past those few lines though."

He sat down in front of me and thought for a moment before asking for a pen.

I leaned over and grabbed a pen off the floor, almost falling in the process.

He laughed and wrote down some more lyrics before handing my book back to me.

I played what I had come up with and sang what he'd written.

After about 3 hours of wiring we had nearly finished the song.

I hadn't noticed the time until Vic said that he was getting tired.

"How is it already midnight?" I asked

He shrugged and yawned before leaving my room.

I put my guitar on my stand and then crawled under my covers seeing as I was already wearing basketball shorts and a tank top and fell asleep quite quickly... For once.

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