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okay. hey. hi. yes. its here. chapter 11. HOLY SHEEEIT! GUYS! THIS IS CHAPTER ELEVEN! HOLY BALLS! okay anywhore here it is.


Chapter 11 - Don't Panic

we'd been wandering through the mall for a few hours and so far i'd gotten a pair of purple vans and a new hoodie.

people kept giving us weird looks because there was 5 boys and 1 girl. oh well. let 'em stare! n o wait.. don't. staring makes me nervous. weird, i know, but it does.

"let's check out Hot Topic, quickly." Mike said.

as we stepped into Hot Topic Kellin's phone went off.

i wandered off with Tony and found a Memphis May Fir poster. i stared at it and my eyes wandered to Kellen McGregor... yum.

"You know who's really hot?" i said quietly.

"who?" Tony asked with a smirk, knowing i wasn't about to say Jaime.

"Kellen McGregor from Memphis May Fire."

"I heard that!" Jaime said from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He rested his chin on my shoulder and started swaying back and forth.

"You know who else is really hot?" Jaime whispered in my ear.

"hmm?" i hummed in response.

"you." he said then kissed my neck softly. i giggled and aaid,

"i know. I'm fucking sexy."

"Alexandra!" Kellin said coming towards us.

"yeah?" i sai. then it hit me. Kellin only ever calls me Lex. He never uses my full name... i pulled away from Jaime's grip and said,

"what's wrong?!" my voice filling with panic.

"Mom... S-she"

"Kel, calm down."

"She's in the hospital."

i felt the color frim my face drain and my ears started riging.

no. This couldn't be true. This isn't possible. No. No... No!

"Why? What happened?!"

"They don't know. But she's not doing well. They don't know how long she has."

"We have to go back to New York. Like, tonight."

"I'll go online right now and get you guys tickets for the next flight out." Tony said.

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed cloaing my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

She could die. Tonight.

"this isn't happening..." i whispered to myslef.

"One of you should come with us." Kellin said. He was taking on the big brother role, even though he was younger.

"Why?" all four boys said at once.

"In case one of us shuts down." i said voicing Kellin's thoughts.

Kellin nodded. and i looked at the boys.

"Jaime. You should go. You're the most light spirited out of us. you'll be the most help." Vic said.

"ok." he said under his breath. I'm not sure he was prepared for what he was about to endure.

"Flight's booked. We gotta get you 3 to an airport."

"First, i need to pack some things." Jaime said.

"Same." i mumbled. We walked out of the mall and drove home quickly.

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