Hey ya'll. This chapter's called This Isn't Rocket Surgery (clearly) The titkle comes from the song by We Are The In Crowd. They're fabulous and there's going to be a time laps so this is going to be taking place on April 7th of 2013. so a few days before their first show on the Spring Fever tour. Also i'm writing this on my mothers tablet so there willprobably be a lot of spelling errors and puntuation errors so please just try to ignore and excuse them. also I'm typing this chapter with one hand because i compacted/broke my finger. Oops. I'm about to be a fabulous one handed typer bcause i also type alot in Tech. woot.

Chapter 14 - This isn't Rocket Surgery

We'd been back in San Diego for about a week and i was happy that we were back. Kellin was staying in San Diego while the boys went on tour. This tour would be with Mayday Parade, All Time Low and You Me At Six and no doubt i was dragging Kellin.

We'd only stayed in Manhatten for a day then came back to San Diego not wanting to be there anymore.

Kellin and I had just dropped the boys off at the airport.

"Let's go to the mall." Kellin said as hedrove downthe busy roads of San Diego.

I nodded my head in agreement and about 20 minutes later we were parked in front of the mall.

The first store we decided to go into was Hot Topic.

I found it really weird to see the 4 boys i know lived with on posters and stuff.

I of course went over to the same Memohis May Fir poster i'd been looking at the first time we had come here.

"Just buy the damn poster already!" Kellin said from behind me.

I grabbed a copy of the poster and we continued looking around.

2 girls came in both wearing Sleeping With Sirens shirts.

I looked down and noticed that Kellin was wearing one as well.

"Your shirt is hilarious, Kel."


"Kellin Quinn, Kellin Stevens. I don't even know i find it funny."

"You're so weird."

One of the girls was short and had bright neon pink hair and the other girl was tall with jet black hair. They were both quite pretty.

I was pretty gross looking compared to them so yaay!

I'd been wearing a The Summer Set shirt that was 2 sizes too big and had the sleeves amd colar cut off with a pair of skinney jeans that had holes in the knees. My hair was in a long wavy mess that ikept running my hands through. Not to mention i wasn't wearing any makeup.

Other than the 2 girls, Kellin and i were the only ones in the store.

"They're not doing a show in SD." The girl with the pink hair said.

"Yeah they are. I've already got the tickets." The other girl responded

I looked up and saw a TV projecting videos of the songs that were playing.

Seeing as Kellin and I were the only other people in the store and we were both in slightly successful bands, we started singing.

"I'm really not okay but i won't breakdown breakdown without you! No i won't break-"

"OH MY GOD! You're Kellin Stevens and Alexandra Dayne!"

Kellin nodded amd said "we are. Can we do something for you?"

"Could you take pictures with us?" the pink haired girl asked.

She was probably the more confident of the 2.

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