I know Tyler Carter isn’t lanky and tall but having Tyler as Kellin was just supposed to give you a slight idea of what Kellin looked like. Hello, heres another chapter. have fun. Love me. I love you. this one's a bit longer so hopefully it fulfills your desire for this story. 

Chapter 32 - … But the truth is I’ve been losing ground… 

Getting a phone call telling you that your baby brother is in the hospital and then passing out is not a great way to end a good day. In fact I can’t think of a worse way to end a good day.

I remember waking up on the couch with all 4 of the boys around me… except for Vic.

“Is he going to be okay?” pause “Alright, I’ll let her know. Thanks Sophie.” Pause “okay. I’ll talk to you later. I think she’s awake now” click

He came into the living room to see a very flustered me.

“That was Sophie. They aren’t 100% sure what’s wrong with him, but they think it may be Marfin Syndrome. The same thing that took your mother…”

“That’s what happened to my mom?”

He nodded slowly, “They didn’t tell you?”

I shook my head no, “They didn’t say anything.”

“Huh. They want to test you for it because they say it’s hereditary.”

I’m pretty sure I looked pretty dumb right now; staring off into the distance like I was just told my name wasn’t actually Alexandra but that it was something like Leonardo. Oh wait, I’d already been through that. Okay, so I was staring off into the distance like I’d just been told that outer space isn’t infinite.

“Andy, you okay?” Mike asked placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Is Kellin okay?”

“As of right now, yes.” Vic said

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“You swear?”

“Like I said, as far as I know.”

I sat up slowly and rested my feet on the ground. I rested my elbows on my knees and put my face in my hands.

I dragged my hands down my face and sighed.

“You okay?” Mike asked again

I nodded my head and said

“I’ll be okay. I just don’t want to think about it right now. Okay?”

They all nodded and took a few steps back from the couch.

10 minutes later they were back to playing video games. Men, right?  

Yes, I went there.

By midnight, my eyelids were begging to close.

“I’m going to bed, guys.”

I got a chorus of “Okay” and “g’night”

When they were all quiet again and I was at the top of the stairs I heard Tony yell,

“I love you!”

In a natural reaction I yelled back, “go to hell!” 

Everyone laughed and I heard him quietly say, “Ouch”

Everyone laughed again.

10 minutes later, I was asleep.


When I woke up the next morning, my phone was ringing. It finished ringing by the time I picked it up.

7 missed calls

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