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Chapter title credit from Dismantling Summer by The Wonder Years (freak out). Warning: Short chapter alert (sorry) I am so sorry for being absent for such a long time. And the last chapter probably wasn't even that great because like... It was written on my phone. ANyways, I've been writing alot in my creative writing class at school and over the semester i managed to write 10 chapters inbetween projects. Anyways guys, I'm officially done grade 10 as of tomorrow. I am really proud because at this point last year i was in a really dark place and wasn't even sure if i would make it to this point but here iam and wow i feel great. I have my English final (image response) tomorrow. THat's where they give you a pcture and you have to write something about it. I'm really stoked becaue that's pretty easy for me to do. Anyways, my laptop had a virus and crashed completley so i had to send it in and get it fixed but they completley wiped it. So it didn't have Microsoft Word on it and that's where i write all my stuff. But i finally have Word on my computer again so here it is, Chapter 31! Also, I am currently working on chapter 40 right now... So be expecting quite a few uploads. I love you all, especially if you read all of this. It's been a while so hi. bye, enjoy this surprise chapter. I love you! 

Chapter 31 –I’ve been acting like I’m strong…

Sam, Taylor and Colten have been living in San Diego for a few months now. It’s March 2014 already and holy shit does time fly.

We’d never been signed to Hopeless before the New Year because some stuff came up and they couldn’t sign us yet. Hopefully we’d be signed before 2015 though.

Sam’s older brother Tyler lives with the boys as well. He’s a year older than Sam and plays guitar. He may or may not be taking over for me in that aspect of The Unknown.

“Andy?” I heard Vic’s voice from the other side of my bedroom door.


“Can I come in?”

“Go for it.”

He opened my door with the house phone in his hand

“It’s for you…”

I got off my bed where I was sitting playing on my laptop and walked over to Vic taking the phone from him.

“Hello?” I said as Vic turned and left the room



Okay, I guess I can explain how Tay Jardine and I became friends because I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking; ‘you lived in Manhattan and she lives in Poughkeepsie’. This is true, but I actually lived in Poughkeepsie until after Kale passed away. The rest of my band already lived in Manhattan. I had a cousin who lived in Manhattan and we were pretty close so I would go to his place a lot and I ended up joining a band in Manhattan while I still lived in Poughkeepsie. We moved to Manhattan because my mom got a job transfer and we couldn’t stand living in Poughkeepsie knowing that Kale wasn’t there.

So Tay and I have been friends since we were little. Like really little. Yeah sure, she’s a few years older than me but we’re still pretty close.


“How’s it going?”

“Good. Just touring, you know.”

“How’s the response to the album been so far?”

“Amazing! What’s your favourite song on it?”

“Definitely either Windows In Heaven or Attention.”

“Why’s that?”

“I really hope I don’t have to explain Windows In Heaven…”

“You don’t. Not at all. But I’d love for you to tell me why you like Attention so much.”

“Because. I don’t know. It’s so true. We are all just weird kids in the end. Not to mention Jordan’s voice.”

“You always have really liked Jordan’s voice.”

“This is true.”

She laughed and the conversation went on from there.

We spoke for quite a while about nothing and everything.

After a few hours of talking to her, she said she had to go. So, with that, I hung up and went downstairs to go get some food.

Nothing interesting had really been happening because the boys were in and out of the studio working on album #4 so they were all pretty tired most of the time. All the boys were in happy relationships that were going strong and I’ll admit I was a bit jealous because even all the guys in my band, including Tyler, had girlfriends - or in Colten’s case a boyfriend - and here I was single and totally ready for some Pringles.

When I got back upstairs to my room with my bag of chips, my phone was ringing.

I saw who it was and answered the phone happily.

It had been a while since I’d spoken with Sophie.

“Hey soph-“

“Kellin’s in the hospital.” She said cutting me off.

My phone fell from my hand and hit the floor.

My vision went black and I was soon to follow, hitting the floor with a loud thud and the sound of a popping chip bag. 

don't hate me for ending that. BTW it's short, i know... 

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