Chapter title is from Some Days by The Maine. I know i uploaded alot this week but hopefully i'm back on track now. Christmas chapter wil be up... hm... Maybe i'll put that up on Christams day! that's chapter after next so i'll spend all day monday and tuesday writing and maybe wednesday. It's not like i have anything better to do.... Anyways... If some of you don't celebrate christmas... HAppy holidays and if you do than have a merry Christmas! I wish you all the best and i love you all dearly. I would also love some feedback! IT motivates me, yo! Also i'm obsessed with Tyler CArters song Side To Side... Like holy balls man! His voice is so angelic. Anways! HEre it is... Chapter 23. Might not be that long i have no idea but hopefully you like it... 

Chapter 23 – Some days can feel like razor blades

“You’re so cheesy!” I said laughing and wiped some strawberry cream cheese off of Tony’s noise.

“Good one!” He said sarcastically.

I leaned forward and licked the rest of the cheese off his nose.

“EEEW!” He screamed like a little girl.

“Get over it!”

“You know, I never told Flyzik that we aren’t actually dating…”

“I hate you so much! He probably thinks we’re still dating!”

“Yeah he texted me yesterday and asked how the girlfriends doing. SO I told him that you’re doing great. A little stressed with the baby and everything but you’r-“

I cut him off by slapping him. Right on the cheek .

“Wow! That hurt!”

“You didn’t…”

“No. I didn’t. I just told him you were good.”

“Are you ever going to tell him?”

“Naw. It’s so fun fucking with him. And you’re so cute when you’re angry!” He pinched my cheeks when he said the last sentence.

I smacked him again and he laughed.

“Not cool dude!” I said grabbing a can of whipped cream and running from the kitchen.

I went and sat on the couch with Vic and Mike and Jaime.

“What are you doing?” Vic asked.

I sprayed some whipped cream in my mouth and ate it.

“Wow that’s good! I’m flying to mars. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Vic, Mike.. Move.”  Vic and Mike looked behind them at Tony and ran from the couch.

“Tony, what are you- NOOOO!!!!!”

Tony dumped a pale of water on my head.

I stood up and faced him. I pointed the can of whipped cream at him and he ran into the kitchen.

He emerged with another can of whipped cream.

“Why do you guys have so much whipped cream?” I asked raising an eyebrow

Vic shrugged. “Good question.”

Tony jumped over the couch and I ran to the kitchen. When he reached me he tried to spray me but I ducked down behind a chair and then ran. I turned and pointed the can at him and sprayed

He laughed as I sprayed his face.

I ran up the stairs and into my room.

He wasn’t far behind me so I didn’t have time to close or lock the door.

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