OKAY! HEY! so i am working on chapter 25 at the moment but i felt this needed to be said... my laptop will not let me change the cast and i do not like having HaiLedaBear as Alexandra... to me she just doe not fit what i had in mind so uuhh... yeah. Uhm... I am not sure who i am going to have as her but anywhore... here is a current character cast. 

Pictures of Leda on previous chapters will be removed. Please ignore the cast on the side as i will hopefully be redoing that soon if my laptop lets me or i might have to use my desktop with is a piece of crap.

Tyler Carter as Kellin Stevens 

Michael Bohn as Trey 

Pierce The Veil as Themselves 

All Time Low as Themselves 

Adam Elmakias as himself 

Jordan Eckes as Sam 

Drew Cotrell as Taylor 

Alex Evans as Colten (2013 Alex Evans)

Maddie Carina as Kendra 

We Are The In Crowd as Themselves 

Unknown as Alexandra (probably some random chick i think looks cute and fits her profile on the interwebs or Tumblr. I do not even know man.)

Everyone Else as Themselves 


and because he is a freaking hottie! 

Matt Best (from Tonight Alive) as Josh 

I do believe that is it. 

If there are any band members that are being cast as a character that is not themself an they later appear as themself they are still that other person as well. THis is not a movei so it works. they will probably say somewhere in it that they look alot like the band member. 

ANyways, i wish i could post this at the beginning of my book. I will probably just put it in the first little bit and uuh... yeah. 

hopefully this doesnt screw you up to bad and uhh i think the only thing that is being changed is Alexandra. I just dont feel that Leda is fit for the part. Nothing against Leda it is just how i feel. 

Okay, i love yall and uuuh... hopefully my laptop will stop being a little shit and i will be able to upload a chapter sometime soon. 

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