Chapter title is from the song by Green Day. picture on the side is Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn from Issues.  I think Iâm going to have Tyler Carter as Kellin and Michael Bohn a Trey and Jennifer Lawrence as Sophie. I WILL NOT SLEP UNTIL THIS CAPTER IS THROUGH!!!

Chapter 24 â Wake me up when September ends

When we got to Manhattan we looked around for Kellin. I couldnât see him anywhere so I called his cell.

âIâm on my way! Iâm sorry! I slept in! When you see me, donât laugh! Why donât you guys go get something to eat somewhere near the airport. Waitâ€Â¦ in the airport. Sorry! I’m STILL HALF ASLEEP! FUKING ASS HOLE! LEARN HOW TO DRIVE! I’m going to go now because I’m driving and I don’t want to kill Sophie. “He hung up without letting me even get a word in.

“Hello to you too…” I said slipping my phone into my hoodie pocket.

“HE didn’t even let you speak?”

“Nope. Let’s go get starbucks!”

“Hashtag white girl.” Tony mumbled.

I punched him lightly in the arm and we picked up our bags then made our way over to the food court in the airport. 

We sat in Starbucks with our bags under the table and I had one headphone in so I could listen to music but still hear and talk to Tony.

“Excited to see your little brother?”

“Of course! By the sound of things he brought Sophie with him.”


“His fiancé” I said putting emphasis on the last word.

Tony smiled and said,

“could you see yourself ever getting married?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. I think right now I’m still too young.”

“Andy… You turn 20 day after tomorrow.”

That’s right… It was September.

It was September 3rd to be exact and my birthday was on the 5th.

“My parents… Never got married. Never mind. My mom and my step dad I meant to say didn’t get married until I was 7. My mom was 27 when they got married.”

“How old were her and Carson?”


“And yet you think you’re too young?”

“I had a friend… Her parents got married when her brother was 2. Her mother had had him when she was barely 19. She’d been 19 for about a month. Thy got married when her mother was 21. Barely. Then they divorced by the time my friend was 11. She was born when her brother was 5. Their marriage, which happened at quite a young age, didn’t last long.”

“Do you still talk to her?”

“No. She moved away. Nobodies heard from her in years. She moved to Canada actually. She always said, ‘music is the only thing keeping me grounded. I wish it would all just stop… I mean it’d be easier and less painful for everyone if I were dead, right?’ I made her promise me she would never do anything stupid. And then less than a month later she moved away and we lost touch. I haven’t seen her in years.”

“I’m sorry. IT sounds like you guys were really close.”

“She was the first person I started a band with. We were going to take over the world with our craptastic sound.”

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