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Hey guys. So as you may have noticed, i've kind of been MIA. (missing in action) but uh yeah. so my laptop crashed so I had to send that in and I still haven't gotten it fixed yet and then the phone I had was really crappy so I couldn't have apps on it. Now I have an iPhone so yay I figured I should at least write a little authors note to you guys to let you know where i've been. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience but I have been writing the next few chapters at school in one of my classes so yaaaayyyy! I have no idea when I'll be able to update again because writing on my phone isn't that easy. I love you all dearly thank you for supporting this book and I hope you will continue to do so and I really hope you understand and aren't to upset with me for not updating for a super long time. hopefully I can write soon. I freakin love you all though. stay weird you freakin weirdos.

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