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Chapter 6 - Darling, you'll be okay

I flopped down on my bed burying my face in one of the pillows.

Why did he have to lift my shirt? Now they were going to know that that probably wasn't the only one.

I let the tears fall and was shocked when there was a knock at my door. i rolled over so i was on my back and I stared at the ceiling.

"What?" I choked out.

"open the door. Please."



"What if I don't wanna?" I said a small smile playing on my lips. Had he come up here to see if i was alright?

"Then, I'll huff, and I'll puff until I pass out."

I laughed and said,

"It's not locked, Jaime."

he opened the door slowly and I looked at him.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

" You stormed off and seemed kind of angry. I'm sorry."

"It's fine." I said sitting up and wiping my eyes.

"You know, we may not have known you for very long, and I guess I'm only speaking for myself 'cause I can't exactly read Tony's thoughts, but I really do care."

I felt the tears come again and Jaime stood up. He walked over to my door and I pulled my knees up to my chest wrapping my arms around my legs, as I thought he was about to leave me and my bipolar bitchiness alone. He closed the door and locked it.

I felt the bed dip a bit and then warm arms wrapped around me and pulled me close to an even warmer body.

"I know that you thought I was about to leave you. I would never do that."

"Yo! Lovebirds! We got a surprise for little miss Alexandra, here! Come on! We have to go!" Mike shouted from what sounded like the bottom of the stairs.

I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my hoodie and pulled the sleeves over my hands to cover my wrists.

Jaime gave me a knowing look and held out his hand. He raised his eyebrow and said,

"Let me see."

I lifted up my sleeves a bit to show the red cuts on my wrists.

"You'll explain this later."

It was more of a statement then a question.

I nodded and pulled my sleeves down again.

I went over to my mirror and fixed my makeup a bit. Then I took a deep breath and turned to face Jaime who was still waiting.

he held out his arm and I walked towards him. As I walked he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and he stopped me before we left my room. He pressed his lips to my forehead and said,

"Trust me when I say you can trust me."

I nodded my head and we walked downstairs.

"Where are we going?" I asked quietly.

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