Hey guys, so sorry i haven't uploaded in a log time. my internet was out and with school and everything. high school yay! (i'm Canadian so it's actually grade 10 here not grade 9) so i was like panicking for 3 weeks and then i was doimg instructors courses for Karate and panicking about that as well. I'm still in panic mode but i thought i could at least upload something. so this is the reocuuring nightmare that Alexandra keeps having as well as the story behind Kale's death. It's going to be very depressing but at least future chapters and parts will make sense if you know exactly what happened. anyways enough of my babbling. here it is, i think ya'll have waited long enough. also i finally found a last name for Kellin and Kale.

Chapter 13 - Nightmare

3 years ago. 3 years ago today. March 21st 2010 was the day that Kale Stevens passed away. Son of Jack and Lauren Stevens. brother of Kellin Stevens and Alexandra Fuentes. Friend to many and one of the sweetest and happiest boys you'd ever meet.

My baby brother. I wish i could forget. Battle of the bands 2010. That's how he died.

I remember it so clearly. I don't want to though. I want to forget. I want him back. I want to wake up and have it be March. yeah sure it was a cold March but at least Kale would still be here. God... i missed him.

It was a snowy saturday. ( AN: i dont actually know if it was a saturday or not) It was near the end of March but the weather hadn't been nice that year.

It was the day when The Unknown was going to be hard by the world. It was our first show. We'd decided to be in The Battle Of The Bands 2010 NYC.

The four of us stood backstage warming up, jumping around. I had my black strap over my shoulder with my Neon Pink Ibanez in my hands attached to my strap. Neon pink with strings to match.

I flinched as someone came up behind me and rested their hand on my lower back. I turned and looked into the brown eyes of Cade Gibson.

"Hey!" I said excitedly.

He smiled and said,

"Hey, babe. Just so you know, We're going on right after you guys. So i'll be right here watching. Good luck, Blue."

Blue... it was the nickname Cade had gieven me the year before when we met. He called me blue because of how light my eyes were.

Someone wearing a headset came over to Tayler, Colten, Kendra and I and said,

"You guys are on. Good luck."

We ran out onstage and i noticed Kellin and my mother push their way to Cade's side. Kellin gave me a reasuring smile. I knew Kale wasn't going to be here right away. He'd texted me while i was backstage and said he was almost there.

"We're called The Unknown," i said looking at the judge pannel, "And this first song is by Skid Row. It's called I Remember You."

The four judges; Pete Wentz, Gerard Way and two record label guys, nodded and Pete gave us a thumbs up. We played through the song without a single mistake and the crowd cheered quite loudly. I looked to the side of the stage as i announced the next song.

"This next song is by 5 guys who i've always looked up to. Since 2000 when they came out with their self titled album. This song is actually from that album. It's called Motivation Proclamtion and it's by Good Charlotte." I said into the mic.

I noticed my mom on her phone . She covered her motuh with her hand as we started playing.

"Motivate me!" I sang as Colten went to the side of the stage while still playing.

as i sang the next words Colten said something in my ear. Little did i know that the words uttered by my best friend would change my life forever.

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