Chapter title is from Hooligans by ISSUES. I’m currently listening to Old All Time Low… As in like… Circles All Time Low and dear god. It’s beautiful.

Chapter 29 – Hooligans got big hearts

The Next morning before my flight, I had an appointment booked. Tay had come with Jordan and I because she wanted to see me cry. I was getting my second tattoo ever. Well third I guess. I had Kellins name on my right shoulder blade and “We All Have been Degraded, We all Will be the greatest” On my ribcage on the right side. This tattoo was going to be just below my collar bone on the left side.

It was going to be the word ‘issues’ not only because those guys were one of my favorite bands but because I had a lot of issues. As Tyler Carter once said, “Everyone’s got their issues” WE all get through our issues at some point and I’d gotten over a lot of mine so I was getting this tattoo to revel in the light that my life was slowly driving towards.

When we got into the tattoo place, I already knew everyone there. I’d been tattooed here both times before this and I was getting tattooed by the same guy.

I made some funny faces while I was getting the tattoo and Ronnie, The guy giving me the tattoo laughed every time I did. Jordan and Tay took a few pictures of my stupid faces and no doubt would post them on the internet later.

After that was over, Jordan drove me to the airport.

Tay of course cried when she said goodbye which made me cry.

“Don’t be a stranger, hey?” She said as I walked towards my plane.

“I’ll be sure to keep in touch this time.”


When I got off the plane in San Diego, I went through Customs and everything quite quickly and before I knew It, I was looking for one of my brothers or brothers’ bandmates.

When I came to the realization that none of them were here to get me, I pulled out my phone and called Vic.

“Hello?” He sounded like he just woke up.

“Are you forgetting something?”

“What? No… I’m wearing pants.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Excuse me,” Someone behind me said, “Alexandra?”

“Hold on, Vic.”

I turned to see a very familiar face.

The girl was short with bright pink hair.


“hi! What are you doing at the airport?”

“Waiting for one of my idiot brothers to come get me. I was in New York helping Kellin with some stuff. New house… sort of. Plus, I was visiting some friends in Poughkeepsie. What about you?”

“I’m flying to my grandmothers for a few weeks. My parents have been arguing a lot so they’re splitting up. They thought it would be better for me to not be around the fighting so I’m going to my grandma’s in New Jersey.”

“I’m  sorry. About your parents…”

“It’s fine. Anyways, you looked like you were talking to someone. So I’ll let you get back to that. See you around!”

I smiled at her and waved as she ran off.

“Where are you? And who was that?”

Vic asked after I got his attention

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