I’m really sick right now guys, so this is robably going to suck because my minds not all there. I’m writing this on a word doc before posting it like I always do so this little blurb might be out of date by the time I post the chapter. Chapter title is a song by Attila… sort of.

Chapter 28 – About that life …. Sort of

I’d been talking to Tay in the kitchen for a few hours. We decided we were just going to hang out for the day and watch some movies. I had to go back to San Diego tomorrow anyways, so that would be fun.  The boys wanted to spend a few days with me before they left for The House Party Tour on the 9th. That was in about 6 days.

I’d spent the day goofing off with We Are The In Crowd and I knew that when I landed in San Diego tomorrow afternoon.

At one point, Cameron decided to put on some music and randomly start dancing in the living room.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Kellin and Sophie ended up walking in on a mini dance party with We Are The In Crowd. I’d invited my band over and they had also walked in on our mini dance party, but joined within 10 seconds.

The song Rescue Me by You Me At Six and Chiddy came on and WATIC started screaming Chiddy’s parts while The Unknown and the 2/5 of Reload that were here all screamed Josh’s parts.

“Didn’t you guys meet them?” Trey asked at one point.

“Who?” I said in response.

“You Me At Six.”

“Oh! Yeah! Some of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. Plus, MAX IS SO FREAKING CUTE!” I screamed the last bit for emphasis.

“Max who?” Tay Jardine asked.


“The hedgehog guy from You Me At Six?” she asked.

“Yeah! We get along really well and we promised to keep in touch after the tour.”

My phone started ringing and I looked at it.

“Speak of the devil.” I said walking into the kitchen

I hit the talk button and said,

“I was just talking about you.”

“Miss me that much, eh?”

Wait a second…

“You’re not Max!” I said dramatically, “What have you done with my little British hedgehog?!”

“I swear it wasn’t me!” Dan cried, “It was Joshzilla! He ate him! And then he tried to eat me!”

“You liked it, don’t lie, Flint.”

“No lying to be done. It was wonderful.”

I laughed loudly and said,

“Why are you calling me from Max’s phone? If you wanted to talk, why not just use your phone?”

“I dropped it in the toilet… Plus, Max did want to talk to you but I stole his phone right after he pressed the button.”

“Where is Max anyway?”

“He’s in another room.”

I heard a door opn on Dan’s end of the phone.

“really? Give m my phone, Dan!” Max said

“I’m having a conversation here! Jeez! It’s rude to interrupt y’know?”

“Dan, give me my phone.”

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