Chapter 4 - The unknown and a boyfriend who moved to San Diego 2 years ago.

"So, I guess this is the end of The Unknown?" Colten said.

How could I forget about the Unknown

"I don't know, man..."

"Wait... Don't they live in San Diego?"

"Uhm.. Yeah. Why?"

"make sure when you're there, you find out where Cade went."

Cade... Cade Gibson... My boyfriend.

The Unknown was my band... Cade Gibson was my boyfriend.

The Unknown and a Boyfriend who moved to San Diego 2 years ago.

He moved to San Diego when his band, Blue Eyed Breeze, was signed to fearless records. I talked to him quite often and we were still together surprisingly

"What's The Unknown? And who the hell is Cade?!" Vic said exasperation coating his voice.

"The Unknown is my band. And Cade is my boyfriend. He moved to San Diego 2 years ago when his band, Blue Eyed Breeze was signed to fearless records."

"Ohh... I LOVE THOSE GUYS!" Mike shouted. Have you met them?"

"Yeah. They even know we're in New York right now picking you up to bring you home."

"o you're really going..." Colten said sadly.

"Sorry, C."

"Who's going to protect me from Jett?!" He squeaked

"Get a really scary and strong boyfriend..."


"Maybe there will be a new hot gay AV Club boy this year... You never now Colter..."

"I guess I should let you go so you can pack and leave huh?"

"Yeah. I'll call you when I get to the house. I promise."

"Okay. Bye. Love you."

"Love you too."

And with that I hung up and looked at Vic and Mike who were staring back at me.

"What? He's a gay 17 year old still in high school who gets beat up everyday and his only friends are the members of The Unknown..."

"We aren't judging. Have you ever heard of Fuenciado?" Mike asked

"Yeah. Is that real?"

"Nope. We're just really close."

"Uh-Huh... I'm going to go pack." I said backing away.


I put my last pair of jeans into a duffle bag.

I grabbed the box that was sitting open beside my bedroom door. I dragged it over ot my makeup table and put my straightener, Curler, brushes, combs, and make up in it. I grabbed a small blanket off my bed and folded it up separating the hair and makeup stuff from the pictures I was about to pack.

My walls were covered in pictures, each and every shelf was filled with frames and my cork board also had several pictures pinned up. Most of them were of me and Colten or other members of The Unknown. It was Me, Colten, Kendra, and Taylor.

Sitting on my makeup table was 7 picture frames. One was of Carson and my Mother. another was a picture of Kale and Kellin standing side by side in front of a bridge. They were dressed the same but I could still tell them apart. Kale had actually had lighter eyes then Kellin. They both wore white t shirts and brown leather coats with black skinny jeans and red converse. Kale had a genuine smile on his face and Kellin was forcing it. Kellin had always been the more damaged one. and by damaged.. I mean he suffered from depression. Another frame had a picture of me with Austin Carlile, another of me with Kellin, and Kellin Quinn. another was of me with my arm around Kale's neck the day before he died and Kellin was sitting on the ground wrapped around my leg. We were standing in our front yard fooling around when my mom grabbed her camera and took a picture.  Another picture was of Colten kissing my cheek, and the last one that was sitting on my table was of Jesse Lawson and I. He had his arm around me and was kissing my cheek. That was a good day. Gabe Barham was leaning down kissing my other cheek while Jack Fowler was behind me photo bombing. Kellin, my brother not Kellin Quinn, had taken the picture and also had a copy. I put them all in the box and grabbed my other pictures. I had a picture of me and Ashley Purdy from Black Veil Brides because I saw him at Wal-Mart one day and begged him for a picture. My favorite picture of all was the last one I grabbed. The Unknown. Taylor and Kendra were in the back. Kendra had her signature electric blue electric guitar in her  hand and the black strap that I'd bought her was around her neck. Taylor was holding his drum sticks while I sat on the ground dangling a microphone cord off of my pointer finger and Colten sat beside me with his gold bass guitar. That was my favorite picture of all time.

I picked the box up and put my last duffle bag on my shoulder. I walked down the stairs being careful not to trip.

This was it... I was leaving this house once and for all. Going to live in San Diego with 4 guys. 2 of which I hadn't even met yet. Oh  joy!

I packed my bags and stuff into the back of my mom's truck. She drove a 2013 Dodge Ram and had agreed to drive us to the airport so she could say goodbye.

her exact words: "I want to say goodbye to my baby girl before she goes off to live her life once and for all. "


A lot of tears, and a few hours on a plane later I was finally in San Diego.

We got off the plane and did all that airporty stuff. (AN: I've never actually been in an airport so I have no idea what happens at an airport.)

as we walked I saw Jaime and Tony waving their arms frantically yelling, "VIC! MIKE! OVER HERE!"

Vic and Mike had taken some of my bags seeing as  I couldn't carry it all on my own. they dropped the bags they were holding and ran over to the guys. Mike ran over to Tony and wrapped his arms around him picking him up and swinging him around. Vic did the same to Jaime.

"Let the bromances begin!" I shouted at them.

"Now, Can one of you be a complete sweetheart and help a weakling with her bags?" I continued.

Tony pulled away from Mike and ran over to me thrusting his hand out to me.

"I'm Tony!" My jaw dropped and I said,

"You think I don't know that?! I fucking love you!"

he brought his hand back to his side and stood there for a few seconds. Then he spread his hands out wide and tilted his head to the side.

I climbed over my bags that sat at my feet and wrapped my arms around him.

"I Love you too, Vic and Mike's little sister!" He said happily. I laughed as he held me tight against him.

I could see a small friendship forming already.

I pulled away form him and he picked up 2 of my bags. Mike came over and helped with the rest of them and I took some of them as well.

we walked out to their van and put everything in the back.

"I can't wait till we get back. Jaime, Tony, did you do what we asked?" Vic asked.

"We did! And it's amazing! We got the money too."

"Uhm... Is this some drug deal thing or something? Mike! What are you getting yourself into?!" I said sarcastically but slightly seriously.

"I enjoy that you care more about Mike then ME!" Vic said from the passenger seat.


"Guys, if you hug her, just warning you right now, I made this mistake and felt like shit..."

"Mike, Shut up!" I said. I didn't need Jaime and Tony knowing what Jack put me through.

"If they hug you, or put their arms around you and hurt you, I swear to god..."

"MIKE!" I shouted slightly angry.

"I understand that you're my big brother and you just want to keep me safe but cool it, okay?" I continued. Jaime and Tony looked at me with their eyes wide and jaws gaping.

"I'm bipolar get over it." I said to them resting my head on my hand in the backseat.

I just wanted to get to the house.. Which I guess was my home now... I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep with the music playing in the background. Just as my thoughts all slipped away I noticed the song was In The End by Linkin Park.


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