Chapter 5 - Please don't take this out on me, cause you're the only thing that's keeping me alive

I felt someone pick me up bridal style and carry me into the house in my half asleep state.

"Home, Sweet home!" Someone shouted.

"Mike, shut up!" The person holding me said.

"Suck it, Tony."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I opened my eyes and noticed that the person carrying me inside was Tony. I put my head up and looked around... This house was huge!

"Holy shit..." I breathed.

"Nice isn't it?" Tony asked quietly.

I nodded my head as he kept walking.

"Are you planning on putting me down anytime soon, Tony?" I asked.

"nope." He said as he sat down on the couch still holding me.

"Tony, stop molesting our little sister." Vic said.

"WHOA!" Tony and I both said at the same time. Of course I didn't move because, you know. I was sitting on Tony FREAKING Perry.

"Alexandra, I advise you get off of Tony, or you will never live it down from your brothers." Jaime said.

"I think they'll probably do something I can hold against them." I retorted

"Also, if Tony's girlfriend walks in anytime soon, she may try to kill you." Jaime added

"I could take her."

"I'm glad you could take her, but I don't feel like getting dumped." Tony said.

I got off of him and sat on the cushion beside him.

"So, what do you guys do for fun around here?" I asked,

"Get piss ass motherfucking drunk!" Mike said cheerfully flopping down on the couch beside me.

"oh. Well, I can't really do that, now can I?"

"Sure you can! It's just not legal." Jaime said cheerfully.

"Obviously. I just turned 19."

"Actually, it's still your birthday!" Vic said.

"EXACTLY!" I exclaimed.

Everyone laughed at me 'cause I can't drink. Well then, screw them.

"You're just jealous 'cause you aren't as cute as me!" I said cheekily.

They all laughed even harder and my jaw dropped.

"ouch..." I said

They stopped laughing after a few minutes and I said,

"So... Can someone show me where my room is?"

"Jaime, can you do it?" Vic asked.

I looked at Jaime who looked at Tony and said,


Tony sighed but got up.

"Follow me." He said

"Don't sound so happy to help someone out, Tony." I said rolling my eyes.

He laughed lightly as I followed him up a flight of stairs and down a hallway. He opened the last door on the right and it was really fudging dark.

He walked across the room and opened the curtain revealing black walls. Black. Colorless. Dark. Just the way I liked it. There was a matress in the corner and it had a black and grey bedset on it. I turned slightly to look around. sitting against the other wall was a make up table. It was of course black. Beside the table hanging on the wall, was a full length mirror. There were shelves on the walls for pictures and stuff. Those would be put to great use. Holy shit... This was amazing!

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