"I wish this didn't have to happen this way Esmeralda. I really do." Kenny says, pacing the floor.

I glare at him. He should be glad he duct taped my mouth, he's not gonna like what I have to say to him.

"I know you must be thinking: 'Kenny, why would you do this to me? Why are you so obsessed with me? Why did you leak the story to the media?' Glad you asked. Oh wait! How rude of me, you're probably wondering how I even found out that you were pregnant! Gentlemen. Come into the light." He says, summoning his 'friends' to come closer so I can see them.

My eyes widen when I realize who his friends are. The extra security that Michael hired for me when he left today. His own security betrayed him. I can kinda understand Kenny, but what did Michael ever do to them? They stand before me, smirking, with their arms folded.

"You three should be ashamed of yourselves! I got away from Michael, but you guys were still by his side. Loyal and sticking your neck out for him. Now why would you go and betray your King? Oh that's right, because we're smart. Ever heard of a long con sweetheart?" He asks me.

I don't respond to him, but I know what that is. He's been fooling Michael this whole time.

"I'll explain it anyways. In my case, I earned the trust and friendship of one of the richest men in the world in the hopes of taking him for as much money as I could. You're wondering why I'm not rich right now... Well Michael isn't an idiot, like I originally thought and he cared more about his money and career than he did anything else. He had three different accountants just to make sure the other two weren't trying to fool him! He was a very savvy businessman and I certainly had my work cut out for me. But I stuck it out. After seven years I thought maybe I will just go the old school way and try and clean out one of his accounts. When that failed, I was ready to quit. These idiots weren't helping me anyways, so there was no point in continuing. I grew tired of him moping around, complaining about being lonely and sad, doing stupid errands for him, getting attacked by under age and grown women. It just wasn't worth it. Not until you got into that car with him, that fateful day. Finally, I had my opening. Finally, I could finish what I started." He says, chucking.

I glare a hole through his face and he pinches my cheek. I try to kick, but of course I am handcuffed.

"Fiesty. So here I was, trying to best this genius, trying to understand what made him tick. I wasted seven years on something that happened instantly that day. When he saw you, the way he looked at you when you were near him... I knew he was in love with you. This big eyed, naïve, beautiful, inexperienced woman was his kryptonite and i never even thought about it! Everything else didn't seem to matter to him at all. He would leave business meetings for you, cancel appearances, cut off autograph signings so he could be home to see you whenever you called. You may have thought that he had you wrapped around his finger, but woman you have no idea. He would come running at the snap of your pretty little finger if you were lonely." He explains, making wild hand gestures.

I dropped my head. As much as I vilified him during our marriage, he did do everything he could to make me happy. I was very selfish, spoiled. Took me to get kidnapped to realize it wasn't that bad. But still, there were bad things in our marriage.

He walks over and rips the duct tape off of my mouth. It doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I glare at him once again.

"And you were just a spoiled little brat. But, thankfully for me, that brattiness is exactly what I needed to drive a wedge between the two of you. At first I thought, since you were distracting him with your beauty that I could swoop in and take from him during that, but then I thought, I'm tired of Michael. You were much easier to persuade and you would get your hands on some of his money once you divorced, so you became my target from then on out. All those things I said for you to do and say to Michael, I knew they would set him off. I knew they would make him angry and resentful. My plan worked perfectly when you divorced him... Up until the part where you rejected me. I blame myself though. I made myself too friendly. So here we are now. I'm done playing games. I want my money and you are the bait." He says, smiling evilly.

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