The Beginning of the Invasion

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I wake up and stretch and look out the window. I panic and cover up as best as I can. I forgot I slept over his house! I get underneath the covers so he cant see me all half naked.

He stirs next to me, waking up. "Esmeralda?"

I peek my head from under the covers. "Good morning."

He sits next to me on the bed. "Good morning. What are you doing?"

I shrug. "Just covering up."

He smirks and toussles his hair. I look at him.

"Do you have somewhere to go?"

"No, but you do."

I look at the clock and its 7. I squeal and jump out of the bed then jump back into the bed.

"Can you hand me my pants please?" I ask, embarassed.

He smiles. "How about you get up and get them yourself?"

My eyes get wide and he walks over and scoops up my pants. He walks back over and hands them to me and I slip them on under the covers.

He yawns. "You arent going to shower?"

"I will shower at home."

He grabs my hand and walks me out of the house. Before I get into the limo he stops me.

"Thank you for sleeping with me." He says sweetly.

I smile. "It was my pleasure."

"You're the first person I let sleep in my bed."

I get a confused look on my face. Why am I the first?

"Now I feel special." I hope I didnt sound sarcastic.

"You are. Very special." He winks at me.

I get into the limo blushing. We get to my apartment complex and since its the morning everyone is crowding around like they've never seen a limo before. I walk to my door and everyone is asking me questions about why I came home in a limo. They never talk to me at all and now they wanna talk me to death! I get into my apartment and lock my door. Okay I dont have time for this! I jump in the shower and dry off quickly. I throw my work clothes on, grab my stuff, and Im out the door. I get to the Chamberlin's on time and I sigh with relief. I havent been late getting here in over a year so Im not sure what would happen if I was ever late. I probably wouldnt get fired, but I like being on time. I get to work and though its all peaceful cleaning this house, I am often distracted by Michael. I guess meeting him and not cleaning his house and those dates have thrown me off a bit. I smile to myself as I finish the bathroom and I get the steamer to steam clean the bedrooms. After I finish Mr. Chamberlin's room I clean the filter. My ipod switches to Fergie.


I pause it and flip through a few more songs before I decide on a Janet song.

"I dont know why I even have that song. Maybe Nina put it in there..."

"I'll have to tell my sister you like her music."

I jump and turn around. How did he get in here? Why is he here?!

"Michael..." I hold my chest which is pounding away. "What... how...?"

He leans on the door henge and cocks his head to the side, smiling.

"Deborah didnt lock the door when she went out."

Deborah? Oh! Mrs. Chamberlin.

"You and Mrs. Chamberlin are on a first name basis already?" I look at him weird.

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