"I'm excited because we are having a fireworks show! So everyone get some clothes on and head to the park for the show. We will be starting soon!" Janet says to all of us at the dinner table.

Such a different scene compared to the fiasco of last night. I push my plate away since my stomach is starting to act up and I decide this is as good a time as any to shower before the fireworks show.

"Im going to shower before the show." I lean over, whispering in Michael's ear.

"Oh I'm coming too." He says, wiping his mouth.

I raise my eyebrow. "We are not showering together." I say, standing up.

"Cmon. It'll be like old times." He says, smirking.

"This aint like old times. In this day and age, we don't shower together." I clarify, excusing myself from the table.

If I allowed him, he would pull me right into his love again. Pretty quickly too. I'm going at my own pace, even if I know it's against every fiber of my being. Showering with him today would be a treat, but we both know that's not a good idea for either of us. I ascend the steps and Sabrina is coming down the steps with her son. I scoot past them.

"Excuse me." I say politely.

"Hey wait a minute." Sabrina says, and I turn around slightly. "Look, I'm sorry for what I said about you. That was wrong. It's just-" I cut her off.

"It's just everyone was trying to protect Michael. Yeah, I've heard that enough times this trip. I forgive you, ok? I'm a forgiving person, but I don't like you. At all. Let's not act like we're going to be cool after this. This barren bitch doesn't give out her friendship to just anyone." I say, turning and going into Michael and I's room.

I lock the bathroom door just in case Michael tries to sneak in here while I am showering. I use a fruity shower gel and wash the chlorine out of my skin and hair. I wonder how Michael will act since he is having a baby. Just thinking about how he was when we were married, I'm thinking it will be even more out of pocket. I just hope he can keep his big mouth shut in public. The last thing I want right now is for the whole world to know that I'm having his baby. I mean, not right now. Maybe after the baby is born. Just because I don't want to be bothered while I'm pregnant. I can't control my mood swings as it is, so I don't want to become a bitch in front of the world.

I finish my shower and blow dry my hair with a diffuser so my hair can dry curlier. Wow my hair has gotten longer pretty quickly. I unlock the door when I put my jean shorts on and turn to the side, watching my hair hang low. I wonder if I should cut it. I pull at the ends and feel the breeze from the bathroom door opening. I continue looking at my hair. I got some split ends.

"If you're wondering, yes your ass has gotten fatter." Michael says, throwing a towel over the shower rod.

I frown at him. "I wasn't looking at my booty. I was looking at my hair and oh thank you that's what I wanna hear right now. That I'm already gaining weight." I say, finger combing my hair.

"In all the right places. I'm pretty excited to see how you fill out with my son inside of you." He smirks. "Those titties are looking bigger too." He comments, touching my bra strap.

I push his hand off. "You don't know what gender the baby is so stop saying you're having a son. And can you stop being so horny? I'm 'filling out' because of your unnatural sex drive." I say, shaking my head.

"If you have a problem with my sex drive, you need to put some clothes on then." He says, poking me in the breast.

"Ow!" I yell, rubbing my breast.

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