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SWEETHEART • MJ [ORIGINAL] by -moonblocker
"What do you even look for in a girl?" "Well, she has to be a sweetheart. Like you." "Except, not me." "Why not you?" All he's ev...
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Remember the Time [Michael Jackson x Reader] by BlueWolfAngel
Remember the Time [Michael BlueWolfAngel
It's been almost a decade since Michael has passed away. But due to something... Supernatural, the king of pop has come back from the dead... But in a different era he's...
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Anna's Diary/Live For Tomorrow (MJ fanfic) by EtoiliaXMJsBabydoll
Anna's Diary/Live For Tomorrow ( Lola
(BOOK ONE AND SEQUEL "Anna's Diary" included) 29 year old Michael Jackson stops in his tracks on the way home when he spots a homeless little girl in the alley...
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A Child's Heart (Michael Jackson adopted me) by MoonwalkaQueen
A Child's Heart (Michael Jackson ❤️❤️MJ4Life❤️❤️
Michael Jackson has always loved children for their innocence. He loved being a father. In this fan fiction you will see this. How he saved a child's heart.
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My Best Friend ( A Michael Jackson Fan Fiction) by emmilychannel
My Best Friend ( A Michael Emily channel
Vanessa Gonzalez is a famous singer and so is her best friend Michael Jackson. They have been friends for more than 10 years...but they start catching feelings for each...
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Déjà Vu  •Michael Jackson• by Humannature29
Déjà Vu •Michael Jackson•by MJNostalgia🖤
Angelique Campbell is a famous runway model who happens to be best friends with Michael Jackson. They have a wild history together, which her fiancé knows nothing about...
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All I Do | MJ by cynoce
All I Do | MJby oce
It's 1976' and Michael Jackson is a senior preparing to graduate. He's got pretty much everything he's ever wanted. He has the friends, the grades(aside from math), and...
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The Secret // MJ by ShellBooks
The Secret // MJby 𝐌𝐎𝐎𝐍𝐖𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐄𝐑
*COMPLETED* Skylar Gregory is deemed 'the help's daughter' when her parents are hired as servants to the wealthy Jackson family. Shortly after their arrival at the Jack...
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Michael Jackson Erotica  by EroticaBest
Michael Jackson Erotica by S a u c e y 🚨
Michael Jackson imagines . Smut scenarios
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Michael Jackson Imagines by jamiasthoughts
Michael Jackson Imaginesby yee haw
hello, welcome. i hope everyone enjoys this book of the king of pop! lol :)
Michael Jackson Imagines 3 by jamiasthoughts
Michael Jackson Imagines 3by yee haw
Another book full of the man we all adore :P
 Michael Jackson Fanfictions Recommendations by Raneera
Michael Jackson Fanfictions Vivian
This is a book where I gather Michael Jackson fanfictions I find interesting and group them into categories. I'll mostly focus on stories which are underrated. What cou...
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Michael Jackson Imagines 4 by jamiasthoughts
Michael Jackson Imagines 4by yee haw
yet another book full of mj imagines 🤠
Kidnapped  by bonumpuella22
Kidnapped by bonumpuella22
I ain't got no Stockholm syndrome!
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michael jackson rare photos by mikesasnack
michael jackson rare photosby abster
a book that contains rare pics of michael jackson💖
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Michael Jackson my teacher!!!   (A Michael Jackson fan fiction) by emmilychannel
Michael Jackson my teacher!!! ( Emily channel
My teacher was fired because of something he did But they replaced him with someone else Find out who..!! Story takes place in bad era ;*
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Professor Jackson (MJ) by jamiasthoughts
Professor Jackson (MJ)by yee haw
When Mirena gets out of an unhealthy relationship, she meets a not-that-much older man, Michael, who she's almost immediately attracted to. The two individuals begin a f...
To the Moon and Back (MJ fanfic) by Its_Just_a_Thriller
To the Moon and Back (MJ fanfic)by Its_Just_a_Thriller
After a one night stand, a normal everyday woman finds out that she's pregnant with the King of Pops baby. Choosing to keep it a secret, she raises the child as a single...
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Protector (MJ) by jamiasthoughts
Protector (MJ)by yee haw
As she's grieving all three deaths, she gets visited by a spirit. Through their adventure together, they fall in love with each other, but try to push it to the back of...
Accursed by NefertaritheQveen
Accursedby -Nefertarí The Qveen -
2018."I feel like I can't breathe. My body became stiff, I can't move. I'm fighting, gasping for air. All I can do was to make a silent cry. My soul is drowning in...
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