Dark Paradise by laurensmelanin
Dark Paradiseby Ty
Prince is the high school's basketball star. Michael lives with his adoptive mother, and he is also the loneliest of the lonely and his number one problem is Prince. Pri...
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I Fell In Love With A Vampire by LOOKATHERTITIES
I Fell In Love With A Vampireby Itdontmatterjermaine
Her best friend is a vampire......but she doesn't know that. This story will be completed so bare with me here. *********************************************************...
  • vampire
  • daddy
  • mj
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IMAGINES~MJ💓 by Breezy_Jackson
IMAGINES~MJ💓by My Angel👼
Bring yourself into a world of Mj imagines .....🌟 You won't regret this book.... OF COURSE YOU CAN'T! ITS MJ DUH!!! Michael is my angel👼👼👼 Enjoy😝💚💜💟 ~XoBreezy_Ja...
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It Started In Gary IN. (a Michael Jackson Fanfic)  by SoBabyBeMine
It Started In Gary IN. (a SoBabyBeMine
(Starts in 1987) When Michael Jackson and his family go back to Gary, Indiana, Michael meets a girl in the WEIRDEST way possible...... running away from paparazzi..... A...
  • badera
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  • thejacksons
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Moments with Michael by AppleheadLovesUs
Moments with Michaelby Gry Kragh Hansen
This book will contain a lot of chapters with different small stories of different lenghts. The stories will mostly be romantic, and some a bit sad. I'm going to base it...
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Forever (Michael Jackson) by isabeIIemarie
Forever (Michael Jackson)by Isabelle
Michael Jackson and Madeline Winters met one summer day in 1970, instantly beginning a lifetime of friendship. As children, they became inseparable, and they soon establ...
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Moonlight • Michael Jackson by MinnieMckellar
Moonlight • Michael Jacksonby Moonlightbae🌙
"He knows just what it does when he's holding me tight and he calls me moonlight too..." As a little girl, I watched him light up the Apollo stage with his bro...
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Michael Jackson my teacher!!!   (A Michael Jackson fan fiction) by emmilychannel
Michael Jackson my teacher!!! ( Emily channel
My teacher was fired because of something he did But they replaced him with someone else Find out who..!! Story takes place in bad era ;*
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 Michael Jackson Fanfictions Recommendations by Raneera
Michael Jackson Fanfictions R. Green
I'll mostly focus on stories which are underrated. What counts as underrated? Anything less than 100k.
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michael jackson imagines by sebasstan
michael jackson imaginesby litzy
❛ to give someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world. ❜ ©sebasstan × MICHAEL JACKSON IMAGINES ×
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Forever And A Half || Michael Jackson by MissJackson777
Forever And A Half || Michael ♚månevandring♚
{Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards winner 2016} {Bad era - 1987}. Citria Espinosa is a girl who aims to live a carefree life, due to the desire to escape the harsh real...
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The Color Orange by weirwoods
The Color Orangeby let me tickle your fancy
MJ/DIANA, MATURE | "He was suspended right there before her, ready, ripe for the taking." Two friends, one a mentor, the other her understudy, find themselves...
  • michaeljackson
  • kingofpop
  • jacksonsera
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You Give Me Fever || Michael Jackson by MissJackson777
You Give Me Fever || Michael ♚månevandring♚
{Dangerous era - 1991} COMPLETED. Becky Summers is a normal woman with her heart taken by boyfriend Alex Measures. They feel that they are going to spend forever, toget...
  • doctor
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  • dangerousera
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Hes Really BAD by Madisonandmj
Hes Really BADby Madisonandmj
michael has two sides the sweetest thing ever and michael has his sexy naughty side, may this lead michael to love or will it end up to let him be heartbroken
  • kingofpop
  • michaeljackson
Michael Jackson Imagines by mjscurls01
Michael Jackson Imaginesby mjscurls01
Just a collection of Mj imagines for the lovely fans. Full with romance, sadness, reality and comedy! So please enjoy moonwalkers!
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Taken by a Smooth Criminal (Mj Fan Fiction) by lookathertitties
Taken by a Smooth Criminal (Mj betch named tati.
Abducted and abused. Cameron was a typical teenage girl until one night she was taken. Kidnapped from her home by America's most wanted criminal. Hopeless and vulnerable...
  • kidnapped
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  • fanfiction
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ponder & wonder 2 by vickiwaitingx
ponder & wonder 2by O(+>
Book two of random things brought to you by yours truly.
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The girl next door ( COMPLETE )  by Queenjullyy
The girl next door ( COMPLETE ) by Lesley Gomezzz(;
Falling in love with the daughter of the king of pop changes ones life ?
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  • maverick
  • judge
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Behind Closed Doors  by IntenseArt
Behind Closed Doors by IntenseArt
We're all guilty at some point in our lives, of pretending to be someone we're not, or hiding the person we really are. Not everything is as it seems. As Layla knows, an...
  • hot
  • mjfam
  • drama
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Teach Me How To Love by cupcakediamondx
Teach Me How To Loveby ♡• CupcakeDiamondx •♡
Behind her smile, Destiny is just a young, gorgeous waitress who wishes for the world. The day she meets young teacher, Michael Jackson, her world turns upside down, and...
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