After the Cameras Go Off...

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Michael kisses my hand gently as they lead us into the spare bedroom to rewatch the interview. Karen fixes his hair and I sit on the bed while Michael stands next to me, leaning on the bed frame. He leans down and kisses me on my cheek. He kneels down to my level.

"I want to see what's gonna happen if we start making out right now. They think we're nymphos anyways.." He says, sly.

I blush. "Michael, no."

He kisses me and bites his lip. I feel so embarassed he is doing all of this in front of all of these people. Plus, they are filming us. Ive never been one for PDA, now especially on such a level like this. He motions for me to scoot over on the bed and he sits next to me. He runs his fingers through my hair and Oprah starts talking to us. I ignore her as Michael is giving me all of these advances while everyone is watching us.

"Well I guess that's a wrap!" Oprah yells and everyone claps. 

"Oprah we need a few more pictures of you three." Her cameraman says while we are walking back into the room Oprah turned into her interview spot.

"Why? I look such a mess!" She says, pouting.

I giggle and they snap a few more pictures of us before heading out. Michael grabs my hand and locks the front door.

"Well this has been a very trying week. What was she talking about with Latoya's book?" he asks, genuinely confused.

I haven't read the book either, dont plan on it. I did hear the press conference that she called, calling him a pedophile. It's best that Michael finds out on his own. It's not like Im keeping it a secret from him, it's public record by now, but Im not supporting any of the garbage she is saying.

I shrug. "No idea. Never read the book."

He nods and leads me into the kitchen. "Would you like something to drink, darling?"

I nod. He goes into his wine cellar and looks through some of the bottles. He picks out one and pops the cork with a wine opener this time.

I smile. "Had enough with popping corks with your teeth I see."

He smirks. "I just did that to impress you. Im glad you remembered though. It honestly does hurt sometimes."

"You didnt have to try and impress me. Just being you impresses me." I say.

"That's the mating game. You do some things to impress each other, date, then you get married and start hating each other because you were both fake to begin with. Ive been through the routine so many times. Not getting married, of course, this is my first time, but it's such a tiring process and Im glad I never have to do it again." he expresses.

It must have been hard for Michael to trust people, he has everything that anyone would want. It's hard to be genuine when people are greedy. Hard to keep relationships.

"What makes you think you can trust me Michael?" I ask him, honestly.

I could easily be playing him right and now he wouldn't know it. Or maybe he would know, and he doesnt trust me, but he loves me anyways. He pours two wine glasses and comes over to me, handing me one.

"Because I know your heart. You have a good, genuine spirit, like me. If you thought you did something to upset someone, you wouldn't be able to forgive yourself. Like I told you before, you could never hurt me, and if you do, I know it's unintentional." He replies, clicking his glass with mine.

I take a sip of the wine. He is right. Ive never been a cruel person, one to hurt people just for the sake of hurting them or hurting them because they hurt me. Maybe we are more alike than I originally thought. But I still dont have a temper, and Im not controlling. And I would never keep anyone from seeing their family. I take a few more sips of this wine. It's strong, but it's very good.

"I like this wine." I say, smiling.

He smiles, showing his pearly whites. "I thought you would. Tell me when and I will take you upstairs."

"You're not coming to bed with me?" I ask, disappointed.

"I meant, the way you're chugging that wine, I will have to carry you upstairs. Yes Im sleeping with you tonight darling." He says, rubbing my cheek.

Once I finish my wine, he hands me a towelette. I look at it, kinda dizzy and look up at him.

"What's this for?" I ask.

"So you can remove that makeup from your face. They put too much on you and I cant really see your face." He says, motioning for me to wipe it off.

I wipe the makeup off of my face and the towelette is black, brown, tan, and red with all of the makeup they threw on me. I could feel my pores clogging too. I throw it away and Michael smiles, rubbing my face yet again.

"That's what I like to see. Your eyes are shining. You're so beautiful." He whispers, looking at me like he is just meeting me all over again.

I blush, my vision going awry and he grabs my hand, helping me up the stairs. He tries to pick me up, but I thwart his attempts by walking faster in front of him. I dont know why. I just do. We get into the room and I flop on the bed, closing my eyes. Dots and swirls of color fill my vision and I feel myself spinning, like Im attached to a giant wheel. I open my eyes and Michael is standing over me.

"I believe you might have had too much. I forgot how small you are and the fact that you cant hold.. anything." He mentions.

"No Im fine. Yeah, Im fine. Just kinda dizzy." I say, feeling better than usual.

"Are you sure? I'd much rather you walk this off." He says, concerned.

 "Mhm." I nod slowly.

I take my black slacks off and toss them on the ground. I unbuttom my vest sloppily and lay it on the bed gently. I look at Michael as I take off my red dress shirt.

"You wont make love to me if Im drunk?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

"You arent drunk, you're just buzzed." He answers

"You didnt answer my question." I say a little sloppily.

"I will make love to you anytime, anywhere, in any condition you happen to be in." he says, smiling.

"Then make love to me now." I say quietly.

"Are you ordering me around?" He says, teasing me.

I pull him down by his collar and kiss him, the first time I have kissed him confidently since Ive met him. He runs his fingers through my hair and lays his body on top of mine. I unbutton his shirt and he slides his hand over my panties, rubbing me gently. I moan as I push his shirt off of him. He kisses me on my neck, my sweet spot, and I pull him down on me further, feeling his body heat warm me up. I kiss his ear and grab the top of his pants, sliding them down slowly. He bites my neck as he slides his hand into my panties.

"Ahhh" I moan quietly.

I feel vibrations on my leg and I raise my eyebrow. Michael unlatches himself from me and pulls out his phone. He jumps up and answers it, running out of the room. "Janet? Hello!" He yells as he runs out. I lay back, kinda mad he stopped in the middle of this, but slowly drifting off. By the time Michael comes back in the room, I am out cold.

He slowly puts a blanket over my body, tucking me in and he goes down to his dance studio.

To be continued...

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