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I wake up the next day with all self-pity gone and ready to clean Brett's house. I shower quickly since I am starting my work day earlier and I eat some cereal. I braid my hair and put a bandana on. I need to remember to get some more work clothes after I leave his house. I get my cleaning supplies and I drive to the address that he gave me over the phone. I park and look at the outside. Nice sized house. Must be bigger on the inside. Brett walks out and shakes my hand.

"Miss Esmeralda. Ohh you're beautiful."

I blush. "Thank you."

"So is this the part where you do the walk through and give me a time estimate?"

"This would be that part." I smile.

He smiles. "Good."

I take a quick walk through and assess the damage. Not too big and not too bad. We sit in his living room and he looks at my cleaning supplies.

"I have more supplies if you need some in the kitchen."

I shake my head. "These are fine, thank you. So, I imagine I will be out of here around 4."

His eyes get wide. "4?! no way!"

I smile and nod. "Trust me, I work fast, and Im very thorough. Your house isnt the worst Ive seen."

He smirks. "Well thank you. Thats perfect! I will be done with my visit around 4 and then I can bring him over for some man cave fun!"

I smile. "I will be sure to make the man cave spotless."

"I have faith in you. So, I will see you at 4."

I nod. "Bye."

He leaves and I roll up my sleeves and get to work. At 4 I am putting all of my stuff into the car and ready to drive off when Brett pulls up.

Brett hops out of his car and smiles at me. "Wow! You weren't kidding about bein out of here by 4! You are amazing girl!"

I blush. "Thank you, but you havent even checked out the house yet."

"Oh I know my house is clean. My house is cleaner then I thought it could EVER be. Thank you so much again. Hey, do you wanna hang out a bit?"

I shake my head. "Sorry, but I have to go clothes shopping. Plus, it would be weird."

He nods. "Understandable. Alright well thank you again Esmeralda and I will be calling you again in a month."

He laughs and I nod. I drive off and park in the Salvation Army. I start looking through to find some work clothes. I find some nice jeans and a blue shirt that would be perfect! I find a few more outfits and then I head home. Its still early. Only 9. I decide to catch up on some reading. I need some drama so I read Oedipus. I fall asleep with the book on my lap and I wake up refreshed. I go to the Chamberlin's with my new clothes and when they get home Mrs. Chamberlin pulls me to the side, very excited.

"I have a great job for you Esmeralda!"

I smile. "Okay."

She claps excitedly. "A friend of Brett's has this HUGE mansion. He claims he has three maids, but the house is never clean. He needs the 1 day."

I dont know about mansions. Brett's was pretty easy, but if she thinks its huge it must be something. "Well, I will look at the house first. Not every house can be cleaned in one day with one person."

"Well, he has three maids so the house cant be too bad, plus, you can get the other maids to help you."

I nod. "Thank you Mrs. Chamberlin. I will see about it."

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