I finish braiding Brooke's hair and put a hair tie on it.

"All done." I say as she faces me.

She smiles and feels on her hair. "Thanks Esme. So what time are you leaving tomorrow?" She asks.

"10am. I'm nervous." I admit.

"Why? You don't have to impress them or anything." She says, a confused look on her face.

"I know. I'm afraid I will start throwing up or having mood swings or anything else related to being pregnant." I say, holding my stomach.

"But they will know when you tell them. They've all been pregnant or around pregnant women, they know what its like." Brooke explains.

"Well... Ummm... I'm not really planning on telling them." I say, looking at her.

"If you don't, Michael will." She says.

"Michael doesn't know." I whisper.

Her mouth drops. "What?? Why not? Why didn't you tell him?" She asks, speaking loud.

"Brooke keep your voice down. I haven't really accepted all of this yet and I don't know how he will take it. Yes he will be happy, but he is going on tour soon and I just don't want to have to deal with this alone." I say, running my fingers through my hair.

"Well, the way I see it... You are keeping the baby and it is his baby so whether you want to tell him now or later on it won't change the fact that you are both going to be parents, whether he wants to be a responsible one or not." She says, sounding so grown up.

I look at her through my hair. "When did you get so smart?" I ask.

"You're smart too Esme. You just let your emotions make decisions for you, which gets you in trouble." She explains, pulling out her homework.

I laugh. "I'm gonna tell him tomorrow. Maybe on the plane." I say, realizing this whole thing is silly.

"Good. Cause this stress isn't good for the baby." She says, smiling.

"Okay let's get started on this homework." I say, scooting closer to her.


I stuff the rest of my things in the suitcase and look around my room, making sure that I haven't forgotten anything. I think I'm all set. I drag my suitcase off of my bed and onto the ground. I put my hair in a ponytail and extend the handle on top of the suitcase so I can roll it. I make my way downstairs and place my suitcase next to the front door. I stuff my purse with everything that I am carrying onto the plane and put my motion sickness pills inside. I haven't been on a plane since I was very little, when my mother took me to be with my grandparents, but you never know what's gonna happen. I eat something light and check my watch.


Fifteen minutes until I have to face Michael. I'm just glad I'm getting this over with before we get to the reunion. I'm nervous about this whole situation. I'm probably known in his family as the woman that broke his heart. Then again, his heart had been broken more than a few times so... I rub my stomach and hear the horn honk outside. I grab my suitcase and lug it outside to the limo. One of his guards takes it and puts it on the trunk. Michael gets out of the car and smiles at me.

"Good morning gorgeous." He says, excitedly.

I walk over and hug him, nuzzling my face into his hair. "Good morning." I reply, feeling better now that I'm hugging him.

"Are you ready to go? Got your pills?" He asks.

My eyes get wide. "Pills?" I ask, nervous.

"Motion sickness pills. You were telling me you didn't remember if you ever got sick on a plane because it was so long ago when you rode one." He says, raising his eyebrow at me.

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