I rub my eyes as I wake up, feeling so used. I feel Michael's arm wrapped around me. I sigh and peel him off of me, sitting up in bed. I hope he doesnt come to work with me again today. Wait, I remember that he cancelled my gosees for some stupid interviews. I want to wake him up and give him a piece of my mind, but I dont want to talk to him when he's grumpy.

I shower in silence and peace. What am I gonna do about him? I dont want him to turn into Mr. Control Freak again today and ruin all of my work. I've been working hard and I dont want it to go to waste.

I put my towel over my body, feeling better from last night, and look at myself in the large mirror in his bathroom. I tug at the skin around my eyes, thinking that I look tired because I didnt have enough sleep last night, but I know its because I've worked myself up worrying about Michael.

Michael and his needs.

I drop my towel and put on my robe. I open the bathroom door, hoping that I havent woke him. I sigh when I see that he is still asleep. I wring out my dripping hair one last time so that I wont drench him in the bed and I slip under his arm once again. He tightens his grip on me and nuzzles his nose into my neck, breathing deeply. I feel myself tensing up. I dont know why. It seems like Ive just gotten used to being around him, him touching me, and now all of a sudden Im tense again. His touch is burning a hole through me like never before and I cant do anything about it. I drift off to sleep as best as I can, feeling trapped.


I wake up hearing running water. I sit up slowly, stretching my arms and legs. The water stops and Michael walks into the bedroom, laying something on the end of the bed. I focus on the end of the bed and it's a dress. A dress for me, obviously. With an underwear set. I look up at him and he is fixing his shirt.

"After you get dressed, you're meeting your grandparents in the living room. They should be here in six minutes." He says, looking at his watch.

I look at him, surprised he allowed my grandparents to come over, especially after the way he was acting the first time they came over. Why is he picking out clothes for me to wear though?

"Breakfast with my grandparents. Thank you." I say sleepily.

"Yes. A final breakfast, if you will." He says, smoothing his ponytail back.

"Final?" I ask, confused.

He looks at me through the mirror. "Final. After today they will not be visiting our home anymore. You're going to make sure of that." He says as if I already knew.

My eyes widen and he looks back at himself in the mirror. I remove the covers from off of me and stand up.

"Michael I cant just tell my grandparents to stop coming around. They're my grandparents. Im sure you dont-" he cuts me off.

"Ive told my own Father not to come around my house, so yes, I'm sure I have done this before. Just like a band-aid darling. You gotta break it to them quickly then escort them out." He says as if he's done it to every member of his family.

I shake my head. "I'm not like you Michael." I whisper.

He looks at me in the mirror. "And what a shame that is." He taunts.

He grabs his fedora and opens our bedroom door.

"I will be waiting in the car. Be out in twenty-five minutes or I will leave you here." He says, closing the door.

I frown. He will leave me here and do all of my work for me? I sure as hell dont want that! I cant believe he just gave me some insane ultimatum to tell my grandparents not to come around and then just left! What's even more insane is that I let him! I mean, I think I did a pretty decent job of standing my ground, but I didnt do enough, because I allowed him to think that I didnt have a choice but to do it.

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