Attempts at Assertiveness

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I pace back and forth in the kitchen. This is where I draw the line with all of his intimidation and bossiness. I am not quitting my job! I have given them the best year of cleaning in my life and they have been so good to me! I owe them so much and I will not quit! Michael comes downstairs smiling.

"All ready to quit I see." He says sarcastically.

He kisses me on my cheek and grabs a pancake. Okay Esme, stand your ground!

"Michael Im not quitting." I say somewhat assertively.

He looks at me while eating his pancake.

"You dont WANT to quit, but you will." He looks at me like its not up for negotiation.

"Michael.." I say compromisingly.

"Its completely understandable dear, you have worked there for a very long time and you have a loyalty to them."

"Yes Michael. Exactly." I sigh. At least he understands.

"But you have a loyalty to me now. Priorities darling." He cracks an evil smile.

I just shake my head. "Michael Im not quitting. You can go tell them you dont want me working there, but I will not make it seem like Im suddenly too good for them."  I am serious now.

He looks at me. "You suddenly ARE too good for them. You're a Jackson now."

I look at him amazed.

I get frustrated. "Michael I am not going to-"

"And I am not going to continue this conversation. You WILL quit today and you will do it with a smile on your face."

He smiles and finishes his pancake. What is wrong with him?!

I fold my arms. "I am drawing the line."

He looks at me. There you go Esme! Now he gets that you mean business. This is the job that you love! You want to work and he cant force you to quit! Being your husband doesnt give him the right to boss you around like you are his slave! 

Michael stands up. "And where, might I ask, is this line that you are drawing?"

"Im keeping my job." I say trying to sound as stern as possible.

He stares at me for a while then cocks his head to the side.

"You really arent going to do this are you?"

I shake my head. "No I am not."

He nods and puts his plate and fork in the sink.


He walks around the table and gets in my face. Okay maybe that wasnt such a great idea.

"If you dont go to their house right now and quit, I will spank you so hard, you will wake up all of the animals with your cries of pain and terror, and I will tape it. To send it to your grandparents, with a smiley face attached." He growls cynically.

He cocks his head to the side and my mouth is on the ground. My first attempt to stand up to him has failed miserably. Did he just say he would... I rush out to the car and sit down next to the window. He gets in the car and closes the door.


We get to the Chamberlin's house and I knock on the door. Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlin come to the door. They smile at me. Dont smile. Please dont be happy.

"Esmeralda! What happened to you yesterday?"

"Im sorry, but I have to quit. My new... situation has made it so I cannot work for you anymore."

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