My mouth flies open. Did he just... "Im ..confused..."

He throws his tie on the ground.

"What is there to be confused about?" He scoffs. "Pardon me." He picks up his clothes off of the ground.

"You dont have to do that. Im not OCD about cleaning."

He smirks. "Good to know." He places them on the arm of the chair in the living room and puts his hair in a ponytail. "My hair can frizz up pretty bad when Im lovemaking."

My eyes get wide. Yes, let's get back onto this subject.

"Michael... I.. I cant have sex.. with you..." I stutter.

He looks up at me and undoes his cufflinks. "Oh. Well, thats good.. because we arent having sex. We're making love. Its much better."

I shake my head as he is still undressing. I need to get this situation under control before he is naked!

"Michael I cant do this." I say desperately.

He stops looking surprised. "This isnt some incredible task."

I shake my head, looking down. "This is just.. moving too fast. Didnt you tell me to tell you if it was moving too fast?"

He stares a hole through me for a moment then cocks his head to the side.

"Virgin. I should have known."

Wow... is it obvious? He walks into the kitchen and comes back out a minute later.

"Not a problem." He holds up a condom. "Ive got protection."

Okay, he is missing the point. Maybe he just doesnt care. Well, I cant do this!

"Michael.." I whisper, scared out of my mind now.

"Im always gentle. Dont be afraid." He goes up a few steps and turns around and holds out his hand. "Come."

I stand still. I have to stand my ground! I will not let him do this to me! Why dont I just tell him no and walk out of the door? He stares at me for a moment then his expression changes slightly.

"Come." His voice is deeper, more commanding this time.

My breath catches and I can feel the intimidation factor creeping back in. Okay Esme, get a hold of yourself! You need to tell this man you are not going to be a one night stand! I look at him again and my legs start moving before my brain has time to catch up. No! Dont go with him! Are you crazy?! He is trying to have sex with you! You dont wanna be some ho! Im taking his hand and walking up the steps before I can change my mind. Why am I doing this? Why cant I stop? This doesnt make any sense! He opens the door to his room and its lovely. I take a quick glance inside and I step back.

Michael looks at me, amused. "The inside of my room, dear, is this way." He points to his room and I look down at the carpet.

"I told you I cant do this..."

He lets go of his door and he comes by me. "Why not?" I dont look at him.

"Look at me." He says firmly.

Oh no. Im not  looking into his big brown eyes so he can force me to do something! He lifts my chin up so Im looking at him. His finger under my chin is making me shiver uncontrollably.

"Why. Not." He asks a little annoyed.

I bite my lip. "I-I dont want to." I look at him hoping I didnt disappoint him.

He removes his hand from my chin and takes his hair out of the ponytail. Yay! Im free. He leans on his door henge.

I look down guiltily. "I ruined the date."

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