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No Longer Just A Maid

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I wake up sweating again. I look and Michael is wrapped around me tightly. What is with the lack of elbow room in this bed? I get up as quietly as possible and take a nice long shower. I cannot believe I lost my virginity to Michael. I cant believe we got married! I cant believe we've only known each other for a week... I get out and dry off. I put a towel on my head and brush my teeth. I look at my watch. I gasp and the toothbrush falls out of my mouth. Its 8! I rinse my mouth out and I scramble to get something on. I didnt bring any clothes with me! I sigh and look around. I cant possibly wear his clothes! I mean, I can wear his amazingly comfortable underwear, but that is where I draw the line! Michael shifts in the bed.

I whip my head around. "Michael?"

I walk over to the bed. He opens his eyes, yawning.

"Good morning my lovely wife. How are you?"

"Michael, I need some clothes. Im going to be late for work."

He sits up. "Its Saturday."

I sigh and shake my head. "No Michael, its Friday."

He frowns. "Friday..."

I look at him confused. He doesnt keep up with his days very well..

"I will call you off."

I shake my head.

"Thats not necessary Michael, if we hurry up I can still get there on time. All of my cleaning stuff is here."

"No. Its Friday and you need to be getting prepared for tonight."

I raise my eyebrow. "Tonight? Whats happening tonight?"

"I will tell you later, but you have to get ready for it."

Michael gets up.

"Michael that is all the way in the evening. I need to be at work now!"

"Im calling you off." He says this time more firmly.

"I havent called off in a year." I get frantic.

"Well, change is good right?" He raises both eyebrows.

I look at him like he is insane.


"You are coming with ME. Understand?" He looks at me sternly.

I stop and look down. "Yes."


He looks at me and comes over in front of me. He pushes my chin up and kisses me tenderly. I shiver.

"You are so beautiful. I will take you to your apartment after my shower."

He gets in the shower and I sit on his bed, still in my towel thinking about all of this. Ive never called off from work before. Not even when I was sick! Why is he calling me off? What is so important that he needs me to be away from work all day?!

I sigh. "I need to work."

I need the money... Michael emerges from the shower in a towel and he gets some clothes from his drawer. I look the other way while he is dressing. He grabs my hand.


I walk to the front door then stop. "Michael wait!"

I take the towel off of my head.

"What am I supposed to wear out there?"

I still only have my towel on. He looks around and grabs this long black trenchcoat and hands it to me.


I put it on without letting him see me naked and we get into his car. I put my wet hair up.

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