I wake up determined and ready to change my life for the better. Michael latches onto me like an animal does his prey and holds onto me tight in our giant bed. I sigh and try to pry him off of me. Attitude can really make or break your opinion of someone and he is just turning me off with the way he has been acting lately. I don't even want him to touch me.

I sneak out of bed and get dressed quickly, so I don't wake him. I may be going behind his back with this procedure, but I don't want to make him mad in the process, so I decide to wear some slim fit jeans and a regular tank top. Nothing revealing, nothing sexy, just how he likes it.

When I get into the kitchen Kenny is sitting at the island eating some yogurt with granola in it.

"Hey Ken." I say, as I join him at the island.

"So have you gotten over your anger towards Michael?" He asks.

I eat some yogurt and raise my eyebrow. "Umm sure, why?" I ask.

"Because you were talking crazy last night as if you were going to get an assessment for an IUD or something." He says, pouring more granola in his yogurt.

I wipe my mouth off. "Oh yeah Im still doing that. That wasn't some crazy decision made out of anger. Im actually going to see about getting an IUD." I say, without hesitation.

He frowns. "Are you insane? Those things are permanent and they could mess you up forever. If you implant an IUD inside of you and it makes you never have kids, Michael will probably kill you." He says, all seriousness.

I take another spoonful of yogurt. "They are not permanent Kenny and yes, I do understand the risk, but I am still going along with it. Don't try to talk me out of it. Ive been thinking about this for months." I say, throwing my cup of yogurt away. "So are you ready? My doctor is waiting." I say, smiling.


"You need to realize the immense risks in getting this procedure done. You could never conceive, you could develop a tumor, your body could just reject it all together, your uterus could cease to operate at all, your periods could become worse, you could cease to have periods, which could become a problem within itself... I just want to make sure you know that all of these problems could occur during or even after the Intrauterine Device is taken out. However, this is the only 100% effective birth control device that keeps you from getting pregnant, so it will work as long as you need it to. Now that you know the precautions, would you like to schedule a follow-up?" My doctor asks.

Me and Kenny are looking at each other like deer in headlights. "Umm... I need some time to think about all of this. This is a lot to take in." I say, just above a whisper.

"Alright. If you want to continue, just give me a call. Very nice to meet you Mrs. Jackson and don't worry. Doctor-patient confidentiality permits me from saying anything about your visit to anyone. Paparazzi couldn't pay me enough to give up this job." She says, smiling.

I stand up, smiling slightly. "Thank you so much Doctor." We shake hands.

I take a deep breath as we get outside. I look around for lingering paparazzi and Kenny's phone rings. My eyes get wide. He is awake.

"Don't answer it." I say to him, shaking my head.

"I have to." He says, scrowling.

I fold my arms as he answers the phone.

"Hey Boss... yeah she is awake... yeah she is with me... well she said she wasn't feeling so well this morning so I took her to the store to get her some stuff, didn't wanna wake you... uh just, ya know, period stuff, Midol." He says, making faces.

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