I am awoken by bright sunlight. I groan and turn over.

Michael chuckles lightly. "Good morning my little grumpy lady."

I bury my face into the pillow.

"Get dressed. Its time to meet my Mother."

I wave him off and try to go back to sleep. My eyes get wide when I realize what he just said.

I sit up quickly in the bed. "What?!"

He smirks. "That got you out of bed."

"Michael... is this a joke?" I rub my eyes.

He shakes his head no. "Mother decided to pay me a visit. Come. Get dressed."

I look around for my clothes. "Where are my clothes?"

He hands me my clothes freshly cleaned. I take them.

"Thank you."

I get up and run to the bathroom so he doesnt stare at my half nakedness. I take a quick shower and dry off when I realize that I dont have clean underwear. I open the door and Michael is gone. I look around and run to his drawers. I open the first one and I see unused condoms and his underwear. As weird as this is, I need underwear. I grab a pair of his boxer briefs and run back into the bathroom. I slide them on and they fit so well.

"These are comfortable. Why dont they make these for women?" I feel on them.

He knocks on the door. "Please hurry. Mother doesnt like waiting."

I put my clothes on quickly. I come out of the bathroom with my hair still damp and I brush my clothes off.

"Im.. ready." I say unconvinced.

He looks me up and down and smiles. "Good. Let's go."

He takes my hand and we walk downstairs to the living room. I see Mrs. Jackson and I smile. She is even more beautiful in person. She smiles at me.

"Mother, this is my girlfriend Esmeralda." Michael nods towards me.

I look up at Michael. Girlfriend?

I look at Mrs. Jackson and smile. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Jackson."

She hugs me. "Call me Mama Katie dear. You are so pretty!"

I blush.

Michael looks at me. "You can meet my pets now."

I nod. "Oh okay."

We walk with his Mother out to the back of the house past the rides. He pulls me back a bit so his Mother wont hear our conversation.

"I saw your panties on the ground in the bathroom. You brought a backup pair?"

I shake my head no.

His eyes get wide. "You mean..."

He looks down at my jeans.

"Actually, Im wearing a pair of your underwear." I say embarassed.

His eyes get wider. He pulls the back of my jeans out so he can look.

"Michael!" I slap his hand away.

He lets go and looks at me shocked. "I cant believe you put them on."

I put my head down. "Im sorry. I didnt have a choice."

He lifts my chin up. "No no you have mistaken me. Im not upset you put them on. Im shocked! And so turned on."

My eyes get wide and I look ahead of us.

"You look good in them." He bites his bottom lip.

We get to where he has his pets.

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