I am awoken by my ipad ringing. I stretch and rub my eyes. I almost drop the thing as I am trying to answer the facetime request. Michael's face appears on the screen.

"Good morning love. It is Tuesday, 9AM, and you have one hour and a half to get to your meeting with your new talent agent, Rhonda."

I groan and he laughs. "Breakfast is on the table. I love you. Good luck." 

He blows a kiss and it disconnects. I sit the ipad down and go to my closet. This is the only time I wish Michael bought me some nice-looking clothes. I grab a suit and take a refreshing shower. I feel like Im going to an interview, but I know Michael has already hired her. I smooth my hair into a ponytail and I go downstairs to eat. Im starving. The chef greets me and puts my plate on the table. I eat that food like I havent eaten in a day. I wipe my mouth off and put some peach lipstick on. I want to be subtle for our first meeting. I smooth my hair some more and as I am looking out the window, I see Michael has pulled out the limo for me to get to this meeting. You have to make a great first impression and I know I will this way. I get in the limo and tap my nails on my leg anxiously. I still have the french tip acrylic from that awards show. Thank goodness. I would not have remembered to polish my nails. 

I hope she is nice. I dont think Michael would set me up with someone who would be mean to me, but I guess being great at what you do makes up for lack of social skills. We stop at the agency and I am so nervous I start shaking. I get out of the limo and Kenny walks me to Rhonda's office. 

He smirks at me. "Why are you so nervous?"

"It's like an interview for a big job." I bite my lip.

He laughs. "You dont need to be nervous. She is the one that needs to be nervous. Your acting career is in her hands and if she doesn't ger results... let's just say, Michael does not take failure well." He warns.

I am taken back as the doors open and Rhonda greets us with a big smile.

"You must be Mrs. Jackson! Come right in and we can get started." She says excitedly.

I walk in thinking about what Kenny said. Maybe there is some truth to what he has been saying. His staff is walking on eggshells around me and the people he hires for me has to be the best or they're gonna have to deal with him. Ive learned first hand what it is like to be insulted by Michael Jackson and I KNOW he is at least 20x harder on them. My nervousness has dissapated and now I just feel really bad for Rhonda. This is the biggest job of her life. If she screws this up her career is over. If I'm a terrible actress, I'm still gonna be Michael Jackson's wife. I cant lose. I can't help feeling like that is unfair, but I cant do anything about it. 

I sit in the chair and she hands me a bunch of papers to sign. 

"Before you give me that famous 'Im not signing anything without my lawyer present' line, Michael already confirmed the terms of my employment and your partnership with me, with his lawyer. All you have to do is sign and we can get started." She says matter-of-factly.

I scoff under my breath. Michael already confirmed it? So I have no say in whether I can change it or not? Or she thinks I wont understand it? I pick up the papers as if I know what Im doing. I read a few paragraphs then I sign the back. I have no idea what any of that means. I trust Michael's judgement. He looked over it with a lawyer so I feel okay about it. 

She smiles and collects the papers. "Now if you will follow me."

I follow her and she takes me into a room with some people reading lines. I smile. 

Theatre training.

"You have some basic classes to take before I can get you an audition." She explains.

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