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"We can't do anything with her statement. She doesn't know anything." The policeman says to Michael's lawyers outside of my hospital door.

"Try again. We need something." Michael's lawyers say.

The policeman walks back in sighing. I hold Michael's hand.

"Asking me over and over won't make me remember." I explain.

"Just one more time. How long were you kidnapped?" He asks.

"I don't remember." I say.

"Who kidnapped you?" He asks.

"I don't know." I say.

"Do you remember any specific names said when you were in the building?" He asks.

"No." I say.

"Okay. " he says.

"How did you know to help me when I was on the highway? I could have been crazy." I ask.

"Highway? What highway?" He asks.

"You remember something?" Michael asks.

"Not really. I mean, when I saw his face I remember him rescuing me from the highway." I explain.

The policeman looks at Michael puzzled. "You were in a park when I rescued you. You were chained to a tree by yourself. When were you on a highway?" He asks.

Flashes of memories from the highway fill my mind. I'm running, dodging traffic, the headlights so bright. Cars are honking loudly. Everything blends together and I shake my head, pushing the memory away.

"I was running. On the highway. Cars were honking at me. That's all I remember." I say, getting a headache. I look at the police officer. "I was chained to a tree?" I ask, horrified.

He nods. "You were naked and bloody." He says.

I zone out, a flashback violently coming back to me. A man is on top of me and I am naked. He smells like cheap cologne and latex. He rubs my clit violently and kisses my neck. It makes me nauseous. I am chained to the ground, unable to defend myself as he violates me.

"You're so sexy. I want that baby to feel this." He whispers, his breath is hot and musky on my ear.

I feel a shot of pain as he pushes something inside of me. I scream.

Michael holds my hand and rubs my forehead. "It's okay. I'm here. Calm down." He says in a soothing voice.

"Please stop asking questions." I say to the officer, my voice shaking.

He nods and leaves. I squeeze Michael's hand and look into his eyes.

"They raped me." I whisper, my voice catching.

He clenches his jaw and closes his eyes. "Who?" He asks.

"I couldn't see their face. It was a short flashback. Who knows how many times..." My voice trails off and I rub my forehead with a shaky hand.

"Stop thinking about it. Look, we're gonna find Kenny and whoever else did this to you and get his ass." Michael says, venom in his words.

"Kenny?" I ask. "You think Kenny did this? Michael, I know he's in love with me or something but he's not that crazy." I say, not believing what Michael is saying.

Michael frowns hard. "I can't believe that you don't remember that he did this to you! He played all of us and I really wish you remembered so I could kick his ass." He growls. "He called me the day he kidnapped you. That counts for something. Officer!" Michael yells, leaving the room.

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