I wake up sweating. Why am I so hot? I move my head and I look behind me and Michael is wrapped around me tightly. My eyes get wide. Everything from last night has came back to me. I agreed to marry him! We are getting married today! What is wrong with me?! I peel him off of me and go take a long shower so I can process the situation. Okay there is no way you can marry this man so just.. break it to him quick and easy. There is a knock on the door.

"Just a minute!"

I hear the door open and close and I pull back the curtain. He isnt in here. Well why did he open the door? I look around until I see his boxer briefs on the ground. Oh my... I dry off and put a towel on my head. He wants me to wear these again! I only did it because I didnt have any clean underwear! Well since I didnt bring any underwear in the bathroom, its the only choice I have.. I put his super comfy undies back on and put some jeans and a t-shirt on. I walk out the bathroom feeling better. Michael is laying on the bed and he looks up at me and smiles.

"How do my underwear fit?"

I blush and look down. "They fit fine.. but.."

"Oh, look, Im so sorry for attatching myself to you last night. Im not sure what got into me. I suppose I just feel so comfortable around you.. I will have the sheets cleaned. Who knew we could create so much heat, eh?" He chuckles lightly.

I blush and look down. "Michael its fine. I was just caught off guard, but about the wedding..."

"Right! We can do it now and I can drop you off at work or we can do it after work."

How about never? Okay Esme, time to tell him the marriage is off. I look at him and he looks really excited.

"Maybe now.." I shrug.

He smiles bigger. "Great! I was hoping we could get it out of the way now. I dont want to wait another moment."

I smile and look down.

He looks me up and down. "You're wearing that?"

I look at my clothes. "Oh.. um.. I dont wear dresses."

He just stares at me. "You want to wear pants to your own wedding?"

I shrug. "Im not a dress person."

He shakes his head. "Can you be a dress person for me, right now?"

Then I will have to hurry and change into my work clothes!

I sigh. "I guess it wont hurt."


He walks over to my closet and pulls out a nice lavender dress out of the closet and hands it to me. Its beautiful.

I frown at him. "You already bought the dress? Did you get up before me and leave to buy it or something?"

"I bought it yesterday. Try it on."

Yesterday?? How did he even know I was going to accept his proposal?! This is making me more and more paranoid. I take it and put it on. It fits perfectly. How does he know my size? He has probably been snooping in my stuff! I walk out of the bathroom and his mouth drops. I blush.

"You look so beautiful Esmeralda. Absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you."

He takes a shower and comes out with a nice white suit on. Wow he looks gorgeous!

"Michael... you look amazing!"

He smiles. "Thanks. Not as gorgeous as you."

I take the towel off of my head. Cant get married in a towel. I laugh to myself but Im still in shock that Im actually getting married.

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