Meet the Family.. Sort of

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I finally decide to get out of bed now that I am well rested. I really dont want to give Michael another reason to come back home because he will be mad.. again. I go downstairs and into the library. There are so many books its amazing! I love it. I pick up a book titled "Walk Two Moons". I wonder if this is any good. I start reading and Kenny comes in.

"Mrs. Jackson?"

I look up from my book. "Yes Kenny?"

He closes the door. "Mr. Jackson will be here shortly."

I nod. Well that was fast.

"He had a short day?"

He chuckles. "Not exactly."

I put a bookmark in the page that Im on and I put it down. I look at Kenny, seeing if I can get something out of him.

"Kenny, why doesnt Michael want me to go to work with him?"

He shrugs. "Im the wrong person to ask why he does the things that he does. I dont understand it, I just follow his orders."

"But, Im not working and he doesnt want me to go with him. He thinks I just wanna stay in the house all day?"

"I just think he didnt like the job you currently had. Being a maid isnt very presitgious for a Jackson."

"But I liked it." I try to explain.

"I know, but Michael wants better for you."

"It isnt like anyone would know Im a maid..."

"You have no idea how things spread like wildfire over here in celebrity land. Listen, just talk to Michael about a job when he comes home."

I nod and look down.

"If you can actually talk to him about it.." He says unsure.

I look up at him.

He shakes his head. "I see it. I know he is very intimidating. Hell I was shaking in my boots the first day I worked for him. I know. Ive been there, but you're his wife, not his employee. You need to grow some balls and tell him what you want."

He gets up. "Just, not the way you did it today." He walks to the door.

"How long have you been working for Michael?"

"10 years. Time flies." He chuckles.

I smile and he walks out the door. I go back to reading the book. A few hours later I hear a lot of noise. I open the door a crack and I see a lot of sharply dressed people looking around and talking. I shut the door and stay in the library. I look at my black tank top and jeans and realize Im not properly dressed for this occassion. Whatever occassion this is... Michael didnt tell me he was having some party.. There is a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I look up from my book

"Its your husband."

I open the door and Michael comes inside and closes the door. I look him up and down. He looks really good. A white undershirt with a nice black jacket and jeans with black boots. 

He straightened his hair.

"You cut your hair."

He feels on his hair. "Yes, a little. Do you not approve?"

I shake my head looking down. "Its looks really good on you."

I look at him and he is smiling biting his bottom lip. "Well thank you."

He hands me a big bag from some designer store. I take it hesitantly and look inside. He bought me some more clothes. I dont need MORE clothes! I pull the garment out and its a nice black dress. I stare at it.

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