Michael extends his hand for my Mother to shake. She shakes his hand eagerly. I cant figure out what his facial expression means, but Im sure he isnt at all happy about this.

"It's so great to meet my daughter's husband!" She says, pulling him in for a hug.

His eyes widen when she hugs him and he breaks it pretty quickly, seeming tense.

"Pleasure's mine." Michael says, faking a smile.

"How did you find me?" I ask her.

She takes out her phone out of her purse.

"So I was watching t.v. the other day and I saw you two having this interview with Oprah! It was a rerun obviously, but I've been on an electronics strike lately. I just decided to get this phone after the strike, but anyways, I saw you two on the Oprah show and I was thinking 'Wow that looks like my daughter!' I mean, not really because the last time I saw you, you were little, but it kinda looked like you and they said Esmeralda so I thought it must be her! So I flew down here and told Mom to drive me to where you lived, but she said she didnt know if Michael would want me over, obviously he does, right? Anyways I found the place and here I am now!" She says excitedly.

"You jumped my gates." Michael says, without sympathy.

"You shouldn't have them shut all of the time." She says.

"This is exactly why I have gates." He says, rolling his eyes.

"So what, are you gonna arrest me? I havent seen my daughter in years. I need bonding time!" She says, hugging me again.

I look from my Mother to Michael and back to her again. I dont see them getting along at all. I also dont see my Mother leaving unless Michael throws her out himself.

"Lacey... Mom, this isnt a good time. We both just got back from work and we're very stressed out and... how about you give me your phone number and -" I jump and stop talking when Michael squeezes my hand.

I guess the exchanging numbers idea is out.

"Esme I flew all the way from New York to see my daughter and the first thing you tell me is that I have to leave? I'm here now so let's spend time with each other!" She says, offended.

"Mom you knew I lived with Granny and Granddad since the day you had them fly all the way over to New York to pick me up so I dont see why I need to have the same sense of urgency that you have right now just because you FINALLY decided to make the trek to see me." I say, wanting to have said that for a very long time now.

Her mouth drops and Michael puts his arm around me, showing his approval of me telling her off. I know all he cares about is getting her out of his house, but I really do want to talk to her, but on my own terms, not hers.

"Esme you know I wasnt able to take care of you. I'm barely able to face my demons as it is now, but I'm trying." She pleads.

"Like I said, this isnt a good time." I say.

Michael kisses me on my cheek and walks into the kitchen. I quickly pull out a piece of paper from my purse and write my phone number on it and hand it to her.

"Call me after 10. We can talk, maybe meet up somewhere." I whisper.

"But you just said-" I cut her off.

"I'm pissed that you flew all the way down here because you're daughter that you never wanted is suddenly famous and you want a cut, but I do need someone to talk to. After 10." I say, before showing her out. "Oh and Mom, do not jump the gates again. I'm sure we can work something out with the guards to let you in... maybe." I say as she walks to the other side of Neverland to get into her car.

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