MJ and the Chocolate Factory

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I am awakened by singing. I rub my eyes. I dont like being woken up, but this isnt bad. I sit up in bed and I see Michael pacing back and forth singing a song.

"People say Im strange that way, cause I love such elementary things, but-"

He stops and looks at me. "Sorry I woke you up. I was trying to be silent."

He walks to the door.

"Well wait." I say, stopping him.

He turns around. "You need your rest."

"What is that song called?"

"Childhood. Im not finished with it yet."

I smile. "I like it. Is it about your childhood?"


I nod and smile. "I know it will be a great song."

He comes over and sits on the bed. "Thank you darling." He kisses me on my forehead. "At least someone will appreciate it."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because. People dont know me and people dont care to know me. Putting out a song as personal as this will just give them another reason to make fun of me. I will keep it under wraps for now."

I nod. I understand why he wouldnt want to put that song out. 

"Back to bed." He gets off of the bed, walking to the door.

"You woke me up." I stretch and throw the covers off of me.

He puts his index finger to his lips. "Come dance with me."

I smile. "Okay."

We walk down to his dance studio and he grabs his boombox. 

He presses a button. "If you dont mind, I would like something calm. Classical perhaps."

I nod. "It's your studio."

He shakes his head and turns the music on. "That is where you're wrong dear." He walks over to me and pulls me in close. "This is our studio."

I raise my eyebrows. "I can come in here anytime?"

He pulls the keys out of his pocket and places them in my hand. I look at him.

"I made an extra pair just for you after that lovely text you sent me."

I blush and look at him. "Thank you."

I put them on the ground and we glide across the dance floor to the music. I dont know the song, but it is beautiful. He is such an amazing dancer. Its like he is controlling my movements. It's so easy.

Michael looks down at me. "Where did you learn how to dance like this?"

I giggle. "I think it is all you Michael."

"I cant possibly take credit for this. You move so gracefully."

I blush. "Thank you. You already know you're an amazing dancer."

He smiles. "I only know what you tell me, but thank you darling."

The song ends and Michael caresses my face. "Would you like to dance again?"

I yawn. "I think I need to go back to bed."

He smirks. "Now I know how to tire you out so you wont yell at me."

I frown. "Ive never yelled at you. Not in person at least.."

He hugs me. "Im sorry dear. But I will be here all day tomorrow and Sunday."

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