Jackson | Book 1 by ShellBooks
Jackson | Book 1by ShellBooks
*COMPLETED* The best parts of life are the things we can't plan. The things we don't expect to happen. And it's a lot harder to find happiness if you're only searching...
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Moonlight • Michael Jackson by MinnieMckellar
Moonlight • Michael Jacksonby Moonlightbae🌙
"He knows just what it does when he's holding me tight and he calls me moonlight too..." As a little girl, I watched him light up the Apollo stage with his bro...
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Gangsta Lovin' || COMPLETED! by brandybeebomb
Gangsta Lovin' || COMPLETED!by Brandy
Semaj is 17 with big dreams and goals but meeting 21 year old drug dealin', shit talkin', trouble makin', Michael Jackson was not planned. Her life turned a full 360 aft...
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⚠️ 18+ ⚠️ Infidelity {MICHAEL JACKSON X READER} by mtanofficial
⚠️ 18+ ⚠️ Infidelity {MICHAEL JACK...by M-TAN
This short story takes place in Michael's Bad Era, right after Michael had finished The Way You Make Me Feel music video with Tatiana. You are Michael's close friend in...
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Fatal Attraction by brandybeebomb
Fatal Attractionby Brandy
Farrah is a detective who finds herself falling for an ex-con, whose past life gets in the way of him trying to get his life together. Michael is BAD era.
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❤Hello, August Moon🌛 [🛑⚠ 21+ Sexual Content]  by MidnightAugustMoon
❤Hello, August Moon🌛 [🛑⚠ 21+ Sex...by Break_O_Dawn_29
This story is about the relationship between Michael Jackson & his former 'first' girlfriend "August Williams". The two lost contact with each other after the...
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If You Love Me by brandybeebomb
If You Love Meby Brandy
In the second half of this two-part love story Michael and Semaj quickly learn that where there's love, there's trouble. Whether they choose to overcome those troubles o...
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You Are My Life by dangerousdreams58
You Are My Lifeby Dangerous.Dreams58
"If you would've told me at 13 that this would be my life, I would have never believed you..."
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Crave {Michael Jackson Fanfiction} by moonwalkers_original
Crave {Michael Jackson Fanfiction}by moonwalkers_original
~dangerous era~ -mike ain't famous- {explicit content and shit/read at your own risk} ~ "You don't get it do you?" a suffering voice yelped out of his throat...
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Michael Jackson Imagines by Romanox123
Michael Jackson Imaginesby Romanox123
Too many to choose from, either naughty or nice. Michael Jackson can be anything your hearts desire. ❤ Ranks #1: MichaelJacksonfanfiction #4 - - - - #2: Michaeljacksonxr...
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MJ Imagines *TAKING REQUESTS* by MJsometime
MJ Imagines *TAKING REQUESTS*by Soldiers of Love
~Hey everyone! This book is for any of your imagine ideas to come true. The mind is the full of wonders so why not create those wonders in words! So message me any of yo...
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The Arrangement (MJ FanFic) by SheMichaelJacksonBad
The Arrangement (MJ FanFic)by SheMichaelJacksonBad
Gia Romano is an Italian American girl who's life fell apart when she found out that a debt her father owed would involve her. Every hope, dream and excitement for her f...
  • italian
  • fantasy
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Teacher Crush by _B_R_I_A_
Teacher Crushby Bria
Olivia, an 18 year old girl from New York City, is forced to move to Ohio when her mother, Rosie, gets a new job. It is January, the middle of the school year, and Olivi...
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Bianca by nunulabelle
Biancaby That Woman
Michael is madly in love with the beautiful Bianca. She is everything he has ever wanted in a woman. There is just one problem, he is terrified. In this story he narrat...
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Forever ( A Michael Jackson story) by Rainy_Loves_Clouds
Forever ( A Michael Jackson story)by Mrs. Raine Jackson
A Michael Jackson Fanfiction
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Something about you by Kasandra_J
Something about youby Kasandra Jackson
Michael and Caitlyn have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember. They did everything together. As they grew up, beginning in the teenage years, they developed...
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wrong number I m.j. I by jacksondrug
wrong number I m.j. Iby tumblr trash
mikeyy is typing...
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❤ Such Passion ❤ {Michael Jackson Fan fiction} by Romanox123
❤ Such Passion ❤ {Michael Jackson...by Romanox123
~Bad Era 1988~ You never thought you would be one of the dancers for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson on the Bad tour. With meeting new people and possibly an enemy. You...
  • drama
  • reader
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The Teacher's Pet (A Michael Jackson FanFiction) [ SLOW UPDATES ] by KekeJackson
The Teacher's Pet (A Michael Jacks...by MusicKei
{WARNING: This story will contain some unsettling, triggering scenes that occur in present events and flashbacks. Please be cautious when proceeding forward.} Romance be...
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Dreams of Tomorrow | Michael Jackson by whenthestarsdie
Dreams of Tomorrow | Michael Jacks...by whenthestarsdie
"Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth and heart of all creation." - Michael Jackson - Jean Rose...
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