I wake up in this surprisingly cozy bed, ready to start a day of doing whatever I want to do. I feel like I may have been a little harsh on my Mom, but she needs to know that I dont trust her just yet. I will eventually get to that point, but it isnt happening today. She should know that though.

I shower and I can smell the bacon. I smile in anticipation and put my sun dress on and run downstairs. Kenny is by the stove and he smiles when he sees me.

"Morning sunshine. Im just about finished if you wanna make you some toast." He says, turning the bacon.

"Oooh a bacon sandwich. Sounds amazing. Much simpler than the stuff they serve in Neverland." I say, thinking about the complex meals I used to have.

"Thats because this is my house and I am no chef." He says, laughing.

"Well we both know that, but its hard to go wrong with bacon so dont mess it up." I say, making my toast. "Jelly?" I ask.

"Grape only." He says.

"Thats the only flavor I care about." I say, laughing.

I go in the fridge and get out the grape jelly and set it on the table. When my toast pops up I see Kenny turn the stove off.

"Perfect timing." I say, as I am buttering and spreading jelly on my bread.

"I am great with time." He says, putting the bacon on my plate.

"So I've heard." I say, making my bacon sandwich. "You're not too bad of a cook. I could get used to this." I say, chewing the sandwich like I havent eaten before.

"I hope so. This is your life from now on." He says, laughing.

I take out the orange juice and pour myself a glass. Kenny does the same. We eat quickly and I do the dishes, something I havent done in a while. I havent done any housework in almost a year. It's crazy how fast time flies.

"I was thinking a lot last night. About your career. I mean, Michael is controlling everything about your career. Your movie is already done, but, how will you do your media? Will he cut it off? What if he tells them to cancel the premiere of your movie? All of that hard work will have been for nothing! I dont want that to happen to you." He says.

"You dont think he is that cruel do you?" I ask.

"He hit you. I believe he is capable of anything." He says, checking his phone.

He's right. Michael could be that cruel and ruin everything that I worked so hard for. He could blacken my name without even trying. The public already thinks Im some gold-digger. He could make my life a living hell and I wont be able to do anything about it. That worries me.

"Dont worry. We can take legal action. We can make sure that he cant hurt you anymore." He says.

"What about my career? It's in his hands." I say.

"We will cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, I want to make sure you're safe. Make sure that he wont be able to ever come near you again." He says, calling someone.

I pull out my phone and check it. Still just one missed call from Michael. Maybe he figured I already went to the authorities. Maybe he just doesnt care about me anymore. Why should I care what he thinks of me? He must think pretty low of me if he hit me. I'm just so confused. I see the crumpled up divorce papers on top of the counter. It's so tempting.


"So my friend is a lawyer, actually the best lawyer in California. He can win any case and he will be sure to take Michael for all he is worth. He can also guarantee that your career will be left in your hands. How does that sound?" Kenny says, walking me into his friends' law office.

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