~~~~~~~~~~~~MICHAEL'S POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Michael. It's been a month. You have to go talk to that counselor." Attorney Somers says to me, eating his lunch.

"She's already been talking to Esmeralda. I'm sure she has an opinion of me already." I say, eating my salad.

"If she has an opinion of you it is because you have been avoiding her sessions. She is doing a favor telling the judge that you are 'sick' and 'busy' and therefore hasnt made it to the sessions yet, but the judge already doesnt like the two of you. Dont give her a reason to throw you in jail. These sessions are mandatory." Somers says.

"I dont see why it matters. Ive been going to the anger management classes." I say, frowning at him.

"Both are mandatory. I cant help you if you wont be in compliance. Why are you so afraid to go anyways? All you have to do is talk to the lady. A few sessions and it will be over." He says, throwing his hands up.

I guess he is frustrated. I shrug and drink my coffee.

"I dont know what your problem is, but if you want to dig your own grave, I dont need to be around to witness it." Somers says, leaving money on the table for his food and walking out of the restaurant.

I stare at my coffee and the waitress walks over to me, smiling.

"Is there anything else that I can get for you Michael?" She asks, blushing.

I look up at her and shake my head. "Just the check, please." I reply, dryly.

She skips away to get the check and my security guards surround me.

"Ready boss?" One of them asks. I think his name is Josh or something.

"Yeah." I say, standing up.

I leave her an $100 bill and walk out to the car. I am greeted by cheering fans and cameras flashing. I'm used to this kind of treatment, but for some reason I'm more annoyed by it today. I throw up a peace sign to the fans as I get into the car. I sit back in the leather seats and close my eyes as we pull off. As the voices get quieter, I can ease my mind. Those damn sessions. I'm not afraid of anything.

"I just dont want some random woman inside of my head." I blurt out.

My driver turns around and looks at me. "Excuse me sir?" He says, wondering if I was talking to him.

"Sorry. Thinking out loud." I say, laying my head back on the seat. "Partition up." I instruct him.

He rolls up the partition and I am alone in my thoughts for the rest of the ride home. I get out of the car and lean on the hood. I tilt my fedora down so the rays arent so intense on my face. I adjust my sunglasses on my face and jump up on the hood, climbing on the roof of the limo. I sit indian style on top of the limo and my driver looks at me like something is wrong with me.

"Sir, are you okay?" He asks from the ground.

"Fine. Just a man sitting on top of his car. Go entertain yourself." I say, shooing him off.

He walks away and my bodyguards are standing at the front door and at the gates.

"Dont you have anything better to do than just smother me? Go. Entertain. Yourselves!" I yell from the top of the car. "I built a whole fuckin amusement park in my backyard I am certain you can do something back there... away from me!" I yell, throwing my hands up as they go around to the back of Neverland.

I scoff and take off my sunglasses, rubbing my eyes. Some of my eyeliner came off on my fingers and I wipe my hands off on my slacks. Now my makeup is messed up. I take a deep breath and try to meditate, just like they taught us in my anger management class. I still think those classes are bogus, but the exercises come in handy. I moan into the air, letting my surroundings fill me with peace and serenity. The birds chirping, the wind whistling, the squirrels scurrying for nuts, and one of my lions, probably eating dinner.

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