~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ONE WEEK LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I bite my lip, willing myself to remember the past year.

"It's okay. Just take your time Esmeralda. I dont want you to leave one detail out. Tell me everything that he ever did to you. This will be the basis of this whole trial. You're looking for the pity vote here. Im not gonna make you into this celebrity charity case, but the jury needs to understand that you were a normal person that was manipulated by this entity known as Michael Jackson. I want them to feel your pain. I gave you time now give me everything." Roberta says.

I close my eyes. "Everything?" I ask.

"Everything." She says, looking deep into my eyes. "I know it hurts. Once you make it through this testimony it will only get harder from here on out, Im not gonna lie, but you have to give me something to work with." She explains, touching my hand.

"Okay. It all started when I took on a job to clean someone named Brett Rattner's house..." I say, reminiscing about the first time we met.

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~IN THE COURT ROOM~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mr. Rattner, do you know my client, Mr. Jackson?" Somers asks Rattner as he is on the stand.

"Yes I do. He is one of my closest friends. I have known him for seven years." Brett says, looking at Michael.

"Do you know the victim, Mrs. Jackson?" He asks.

"Yes. She cleaned my house one day before they met. That is all the contact that I have with her." He says.

I fix my blazer and Roberta looks over at me.

"Dont be nervous." She says.

"There are reporters in here. Why are there reporters in here?" I ask, getting nervous.

"They are here about the case. They are not allowed to leak anything they record in here." She explains.

I nod as they continue questioning Brett.

"And how exactly did you come to hire Mrs. Jackson for that job?" Somers asks him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain. She worked for them full-time and offered one-day cleaning services for other people that were approved by the Chamberlains. I was referred to her by them after having dinner with them one day so I took them up on their offer." Brett says.

"How did my client first come into contact with the victim?" Somers asks.

"While Mrs. Jackson was cleaning my house I was out with Michael. We arrived back at my house after she was done and he had seen her while she was leaving and thought she was beautiful and wanted to talk to her. I havent spoken to either of them since then." Brett says.

"No further questions. Thank you Mr. Rattner." Somers says.

"Now what?" I ask.

"Now we need to present some evidence. Unfortunately, we havent had much luck in finding witnesses that will testify against Michael so..." Her voice trails off.

"The prosecution may now present its evidence." The judge says.

Roberta stands up and turns towards the jury.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client has had to endure emotional, physical, mental, and sexual abuse from her own husband, the defendant, Michael Jackson, over the course of just shy of a year. Not to mention that Mr. Jackson assumes control over her career, possibly postponing and/or cancelling her upcoming movie. I believe this is an obstruction of justice and the rights that my client was born with. The defendant believes that the position that he is in gives him enough power to control everything in my client's life and I hope you will see that and rule for justice to be served upon him. I would like to present the first piece of evidence to the court. Messages between my client and the defendant on the ipad that he bought her as a wedding present." Roberta starts our case.

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