I sit in the corner of our room thinking about how I got myself into this mess. I continue counting in my head. Four minutes. I pull my knees up to my chest and rest my head on the corner of the wall. I didn't even do anything this time. I pull my spaghetti strap up over my shoulder and close my eyes. Three minutes. I feel my heart start to beat quickly. Stop acting nervous you still have three minutes! I calm my throbbing heart and I get a headache. I gently rub my head. I smell potatoes boiling downstairs. "DINNER!" I cover my ears from the ringing. Two minutes. I moisten my lips so it looks as if I have eaten or drank anything recently. I toussle my hair though I know it's no use. As long as that bandana is gone Im in the clear... I hear the front door shut and it rumbles my insides and starts my heart beating frantically. One minute. Beads of sweat form on my forehead and I violently wipe them away. Get a hold of yourself! I hear keys rattling and the teapot screaming. I cover my ears. The sounds and smells are sending my senses in a frenzy. Everything is so loud, everything is so bitter. I hear the creak from the door opening. I feel as if I have been revealed to a large crowd and I have terrible stage fright. I close my eyes as I feel the gust of wind signaling the door shutting. 


I open my eyes slowly and like a robot I stand with wobbly legs in the corner of the room, having a staring contest with the ground. Not much of a contest though, I cant stop blinking. My nerves are killing me. Maybe I could..


I keep my eyes glued to the floor as I make my way towards the man holding the invisible rope that can tug and pull me in every direction he pleases. I stop when I see shiny loafers. 

"Look at me." He says in a husky, commanding voice.

I look up into those deep brown fiery eyes. Well, at least he's not mad...

~~Hope you enjoyed this preview! Part 1 of this story should be out today if I dont get distracted!~~

- Gigi <3

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