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They take the lighting everywhere and start rolling the cameras around the house. I pull Kenny to the side.

"So Michael just set up an interview at his house with Oprah without telling me?" I say angry.

Kenny raises his eyebrow at me. "You act like he ever asked permission for anything from you. If I remember correctly, he bought your wedding dress before you said 'I do'. Dont act so surprised."

I put my hands on my hips. 

He sighs. "Okay, but if you wanna be mad get it all out before Michael shows up. You dont wanna go have an interview with Oprah after a spanking." he holds back a laugh.

I frown. "He doesnt spank me."

"Yeah not yet." he laughs.

I roll my eyes and fold my arms. I am angry about this! All of these people occupying our house for something that Michael planned and he isnt even here! Sometimes he can be an asshole. I roam around the house all day, Michael still isnt around, and they are still here taking pictures and all of that. They sneak pictures of me in here and there.

"Can you please stop taking pictures of me? I really dont want to be bothered right now." I say, trying to be nice.

The cameraman backs off and I go upstairs to my room. I sit on the bed and close the door. I just really want to be alone right now. This isnt my house so I shouldnt be this concerned, but it seems like a serious invasion of privacy. For Michael to be such a private person, it would seem like he wouldn't want them roaming around his house without him present. Kenny knocks on the door.

"Michael will be home in an hour Mrs. J."

"I dont care." I say from my bed.

He comes in and closes the door behind him.

"We're not doing this. Like I said, I dont want him to give you a spanking before you have to talk in front of the world."

I sit up. "Kenny he's been gone for a week and now there are these weird people walking around his house."

"Your house." he corrects.

I wave him off. "Whatever. I have a right to be upset. I dont want to talk to them. I know he is gonna fabricate some lie so it doesnt seem like we got married out of nowhere... which is exactly what happened."

"Well do you want the world to know that he got married to someone who was supposed to be his maid, after only knowing this person for a week?" He asks.

I shrug. "I dont want the world to know anything. Wait, why did you say I have to speak in front of the world?" I say, getting worried.

"The interview will be televised all over the world. Everyone at every corner of the world is going to see the new Power Couple on tv together talking for the first time since everyone found out about the marriage at the VMAs." Kenny explains.

I slowly lay back on the bed and cover my face with my hands.

"I cant do this." I say, my voice muffled.

"Im sure it'll be fine." Kenny assures me.

"Kenny, you know how he acts when he gets in front of a camera. I cannot do this." I panic.

"Well you have to." He says before he walks out of the room.

Though I hate to admit it, I know I cant try to be mad at Michael right now. All of this must be stressing him out having to come home to all of these people and Im sure I will get a spanking just like Kenny keeps saying. I will keep my cool, but I really dont want to be in this interview. I dont even know what to say! I know I cant say the truth. Im no mind reader. I dont know what Michael will want me to say. Maybe he will give me a script or something. Kenny knocks on the door.

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