"And how exactly did anyone find out I was pregnant? I'm not even showing and I've never been photographed with Michael for the past year. This whole thing is confusing." I say, dropping the newspaper.

"You're pregnant? Congrats!" My makeup artist says.

"Thank you. Back to this Ryan." I say, turning to him.

"They claim it was an anonymous tip. I can get it pulled if you want." He says.

"Well no. I'm not gonna lie, but I was hoping to wait until she was born to tell everyone. Anonymous tip?" I ask, frowning.

My phone rings and it's Michael. I answer it.

E: Good morning.

M: Darling, I thought we were keeping this all under wraps. We're on the news.

E: Ryan says it was an anonymous tip.

M: I guess we got a snitch then. I'll find them.

E: I'm mad about this too, but I don't want you roughing up anyone to get answers.

M: You should only be concerned when I do get my answers. Then it will get interesting.

E: Michael...

M: Focus on your movie. I love you.

He hangs up on me and I take a deep breath.

"When Michael finds out who gave that tip, he is gonna be pissed." I say, closing my eyelids so the makeup artist can finish.

"Pissed probably doesn't come close. Anger management won't help that snitch out." Ryan replies, texting.

"I can't think about this. I have to memorize these lines." I say, waving him away.

"All I'm gonna say is, the only people who knew first was his family. So... Somebody betrayed him. Makes that nice little trip seem kinda morbid now, huh?" Ryan says, walking out of my trailer.

I run my fingers through my hair and sigh. I really don't want to have to deal with this. But I don't want Michael dealing with it either cause he is crazy. The door opens to my trailer and the director walks in with his headset.

"Are you ready? You look amazing!" He says, smiling at me.

I smile. "Yes I am." I say, taking his hand as we walk out of my trailer and onto the set.

"Congratulations by the way, are those rumors true?" He asks.

I smile lightly. "Yes they are true. Thank you." I reply.

"I hope you can focus on this project. We really have high hopes for you and this movie. We can even hire extra security for you if you want." He comments.

"That won't be necessary, but thank you. Michael has enough security for the both of us." I explain.

He nods and takes his place. The designers put me in this leather outfit and puts my hair in a ponytail. I see Ryan stage left and I call him on the set. He runs over.

"What is it?" He asks.

"I need you to call around and see who gave that anonymous tip. If we find out before Michael, maybe we can calm him before he faces them." I explain.

"You got it." He says, running off set and clicking on his Bluetooth.

"Action!" The director yells.

I look over at the other actor on set with me and shake my head. "These files... They're corrupt. Wanna tell me what's going on?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

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