The Panty Raid - Part 1

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I wake up to Michael sleeping. It's rare for him to sleep through the whole night, but the past few days he has actually stayed asleep. I turn over and watch him sleep. Its a beautiful sight. He seems so stressed and occupied all day long, but he can finally relax and be at peace when he's asleep. I smile, brushing some hair out of his face. His eyelashes flutter, but they stay closed. I lightly trace a line down his face and over his lips. They quiver and I remove my fingers from his face. I have this weird feeling of wanting to touch him, wanting to be around him. Maybe my epiphany from last night has something to do with that. The intimidation is still there, but I definitely want to be around him. I snuggle myself up underneath him and snake my legs around his. Part of it could be that the only affection I have is from him. I dont have my grandparents or any friends to show me love so Im getting it all from him, which isnt good.

I wake up again an hour later and I feel even better than I was before. Sometimes you just need to sleep. My eyes flutter open and Michael is staring at me. I cover my face in embarrassment and Michael smiles at me, removing my hands from my face slowly.

"I think its cute when you get embarassed." He says.

I open my eyes. "How long have you been awake?" I ask.

"Twenty minutes. I didnt want to wake you up, you seemed to be having a good dream."

He runs his fingers through my hair and I graze my fingers over his silk pajama shirt, running my hand down the fabric slowly. His eyes get wide at the motion and I look at him, amused.

"What's wrong?" I ask, smiling.

"I must have really done something to you last night wife. You're all over me." He says, sounding surprised, but clearly pleased.

I bite my lip. "I guess Im starting to appreciate what I have. Now that I understand what I have."

He nods and  removes my fingers from his shirt and kisses them.

"Come with me." He says, sitting up.

I get up slowly. stretching. I slide off of the bed and follow Michael into the bathroom. Does he want to take another shower with me? Im not complaining at all. We both get into the bathroom and he locks the door. He looks back and forth from the sink to the bathtub. I wonder what he is thinking about. He pulls my pants down and I am surprised, but going with the flow. He tosses them to the side after I step out of them. He picks me up by my waist and I make a small squeal. He smiles at that and sits me on top of the counter. 

"I have a better view from up here." He says, going into the drawer.

"A better view for what?" I ask, curious.

He looks at me and smiles, biting his bottom lip. "I dont want to embarass you, but, Im gonna shave you."

My eyes get wide and I feel my face flush. He chuckles and goes back in the drawer.

"See I warned you."

He pulls out a special razor, its blue, my favorite color, and some shaving cream. Seems like he bought all of this just for me, but has never given it to me. Maybe he wanted to be the first to shave me, since that wax lasted so long. I am getting kinda hairy down there. He obviously noticed since he is shaving me. The idea of him doing this makes me shiver. I cross my legs as he gets everything prepared. He separates my legs.

"None of that. Im gonna need you spread eagle darling. I dont want to miss a spot." He winks at me and I shiver again.

He pulls out some more bottles of things and then looks up at me. I look down at him, biting my lip.

"I'd like to do this today Esmeralda." he says, amused by my nervousness.

I slide my panties off and cross my legs immediately.

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