Chapter 1: Change

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Lisa's PoV

I quickly drove to the hospital when I found Jisoo's text message saying that Jennie is rushed on the hospital.

I called her and she told me that she found Jennie in our house passed out and the scary thing is there are blood in her legs.

I run anxiously looking for the room she have texted me and finally found it.. but before I can reach it.

A grievous cry towards the room made me stop.

"No! Please tell me my baby is safe.. Noo!"

I gasped putting my hands in my mouth, This isn't happening!

But the painful cries coming from the room made me realize what is happening.

Suddenly the room went silent and the cries from the woman I love have slowly quiet down..

Tears stream down my face as my trembling legs gave in.

I stumble down sitting on the chairs beside me. with so much regret and hatred to myself.

"Lisa" Jisoo came out and her face is also full of pain and sympathy.

"The baby didn't make it"  my remaining hope have gradualy disappear.

And that's when things have started to change.


I sigh looking at Jennie sitting on the bed staring at an ultrasound sound pic.

"The doctor have said it was supposed to be a boy" she suddenly whispered.

"My baby boy must be already born by now" she said. Grief is lingering on her voice.

It's been six months since the accident happened but the wound was still fresh just like it happened yesterday.

The loss of our first child have taken toll on our marriage.

I sit beside her holding her hand but she quickly pull away and stand up.

She went to the cabinet putting back the picture in the photo album and lay on the bed.. her back facing me, without even glancing at me or saying goodnight.

I looked down, hurt on how she treats me.

Even though she won't say it. I know she's blaming me for the death of our baby.

The way she became so cold and indifferent to me. Her actions are telling me every words that she didn't dare to say.

And honestly I'm blaming myself too. For not being there when she needed me the most.

Jennie and I was an High School sweetheart. We've been a couple through High School until College.

Of course, our relationship is not just all happy. Just like other relationships we went through many struggles and problems.

Her family was also against our relationship broking us apart but in the end we found our way back to each others love and our family have also given us their blessings with years of persistence and proving myself that I'm worthy for their daughter.

After a year of graduating and having a stable job as she took over her family business we decided to tie the knot.

We were so happy when we found out the good news about her pregnancy but that time my career is also starting to bloom.

I became busier as usual and I don't have much time for her when I started to travel.

I'm going to be honest, I really love my work and I focused on my career more than my family.

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