Sunshine After The Rain

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Skies are clear are clear blue. Some of white clouds hang and move away, blown by the wind. Sun wasn' so fierce, shooting the universe mercilessly. The gentle warm bathing the opened area near the hill behind the busy city of Beijing. The cemetery.

On the big field where the tomb stones were planted, there are three people standing in front of a grave. In their hands were jossticks burned, flying the smoke into the air. They prayed for the deceased who's been buried in the grave where they stand in front. After they done say a prayer for the deceased, they did three times kowtow infront of the grave, where there is a photograph pasted on the tomb stone. A woman with a sweet face.

"Ru Shi.... Rest happily and in peace up there..." Zhan mumbled. He stuck the jossticks near the stone, beside the photograph.

The other two people, a man and a little boy followed the thing he did. They planted the jossticks on the ground near the stone and let the smoke keeps flying around in the air.

Zhan put a bucket of sunflowers, Ru Shi's favorite flower on the center of the grave ground. He touched the stone and his hand slid down to Ru Shi's picture. He caressed it for a while, then he turned to Yibo and Fei Hong who squatted next to him.

"Will I see Mama again?" asked Fei Hong.

Yibo grabbed Fei Hong's shoulder and squeezed it softly. Zhan turned and looked at his son.

"You can't see her anymore. But you have to believe, that Mama is watching over you from above there...!" said Zhan, pointing at the sky.

Fei Hong looked up to the sky.

"Is Mama up there?" asked Fei Hong, still looking at the sky.

"Yes," replied Zhan. He pulled the little boy into his embrace.

"But there is no airplane now. How can Mama stay up so high? Does she can fly now? Does she have wings like a bird?" asked Fei Hong, innocently.

Zhan stared at Fei Hong who still looking up to the sky as if he wishes that he will be able to see his mother up there.

"let's go home..." said Yibo, interfered the little boy's curiosity. He didn't want to tell something that makes the boy fantasized. He'll understands one day about what the death is.No one can brings back the dead person back to life. And he didn't want to tell him that his mother turns into an angel after death. Who knows about the life after death except those people who had died?

Zhan nodded. He let Yibo leads the little boy to start to walk, leaving the graveyard. And Fei Hong didn't ask anything after Yibo meddled.It's became the habit in their home. He understood, if Yibo began to meddle, that means there is something they can't explain by words because he will understand eventually someday.

Zhan and Yibo have lived together for six months now. They didn't decide to live together once Yibo recovered. Yibo brought his Nanny who taken care of him when he was young to accompany him in the house in his recovery because Zhan couldn't keep running his errands as a single parent to Fei Hong, goes to the hospital to do his job and take care of YIbo at the same time.

That night, Zhan just succeeded put Fei Hong to sleep. He refused to sleep and wants to keep watching cartoon on the TV. He entered the room and found Yibo was busy with his laptop on the table. Zhan flopped himself on the bed beside Yibo. Yibo glanced at him, but didn't stop his work.

"He slept?" asked Yibo, still doing his work.

"Hmm.." Zhan hummed.

"Are you hungry?" asked YIbo again.

Zhan slamed his breath and turned his face to Yibo's side. He looked at Yibo. Felt being looked at, Yibo turned his eyes from the laptop.

"Do you want to eat?" asked Zhan after Yibo pays attention on him.

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