A Painful Truth

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Ru Shi woke up in the morning. She went to Fei Hong's room. There, she found Fei Hong was still sleeping. But her mother-in-law wasn't there. So, she walked to the kitchen, predicted that she must be there from the smell of fragrant tea being brewed in the kettle. The sound of he kettle whistles, telling them that the tea was ready.

"Good morning, Mother....!" Ru Shi greeted Mrs. Xiao who was pouring the tea into a cup.

Mrs. Xiao paused her work to look at Ru Shi who standing, leaning on the door frame.

"Good morning, Dear... Wanna have some tea?" Asked Mrs. Xiao.

"I would love to. Thanks, Mother...!" Replied Ru Shi, walking to the kitchen counter and sat on a stool.

Mrs. Xiao brought the cups to the counter and placed them on it.

"Has Zhan come back home?" Mrs. Xiao asked.

Ru Shi played her finger on the mouth of the cup. She shook her head.

"No. He said, Yibo's condition still unstable last night....!"  Replied Ru Shi.

Mrs. Xiao hummed. She took a sip of her hot tea.

"How's their relationship as friends? I heard they only know each other for two months...!" Asked Mrs. Xiao.

Ru Shi stared at her mother-in-law. There was a suspicious look inside her eyes.

"Yeah! They met two months ago when they just moving in to the house a few blocks from here....!" Said Ru Shi.

Again Mrs. Xiao hummed. This time she bobbed her head.

"But I think.... I noticed like.... They knew each other for a long time....! They're too close for a newly met strangers...!"  Added Ru Shi.

Mrs. Xiao chocked on her hot tea until she spat out of the tea that just went down her throat. She coughed violently.

"Mother! Slowly...! Are you okay?" Ru Shi took some tissues and helps Mrs. Xiao to clean the mess.

"It's ok... I'm fine. I'm fine...!" Said Mrs. Xiao. She dried her blouse with the tissue.

After calm down, she stared at Ru Shi.

"What do you mean with.... Too close?" Asked Mrs. Xiao.

"Huh?" Ru Shi was clueless. But she quickly remembered what they're talking about. "Oh! Yeah! They just met, and they seemed like they old friends to each other. I know Yibo is seek help from Zhan for his illness and has a scheduled consultation with him. But... If only a relationship between doctor and patient also won't be like that. They... I don't know what to say. It's just odd to me. They like old friends who never meet for a long time and they miss each other...!"

Mrs. Xiao silent.

"And... Zhan has changed recently...!" Said Ru Shi.

"Change?" Mrs. Xiao got alert, her brows creased.

Ru Shi nodded. Her face expressed the sadness. She took a sip of her tea slowly. Then she put the cup back down on the table. Mrs. Xiao felt her. Which woman won't be sad if the husband she loves has changed toward her since there is the third party meddling in their marriage.

"Ru Shi... There is something you want to talk about with me?" Asked Mrs. Xiao with a gentle voice. She touched Ru Shi's hand that rested on the table.

Ru Shi glanced at Mrs. Xiao,and she forced herself to smile even it turns out wryly. She shook her head.

"I'm fine, Mother...! First, I thought he just getting his second puberty, having a crush on another female. But it's normal. I just need to boost up our sex life to make him stays with me. But.... This effort also doesn't work. I tried many things to make him come back to me...!" Said Ru Shi.

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