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"Honey! Let's go to visit a new neighbor for a housewarming....!" Ru Shi told Zhan a week later.

"Can you go with A Fei? I'm lazy to go to welcome the new neighbor....! I still have a lot of work....!" Said Zhan, fidgeting with his laptop.

"Aish! A while only. It's Sunday. Come! Three of us will go there!" Ru Shi pulled Zhan's hand to leave his work.

"Ru Shi....!" Zhan whined.

"Stop it! It doesn't work right now!" Ru Shi snorted. "A Fei! Leave Niji for a while, Darling!" She shouted at her son.

A Fei ushered the puppy into its cage. The family didn't want the puppy wandering around the house when there are no people inside the house because the puppy still adjusting to the new environment.

A few minutes later they went out and got to the house where the new neighbour's house is by foot. They stood in front of the high gate. The house had a tall gate, unlike their house which only surrounded by a wooden fence.

After Ru Shi pressed the bell a few times, someone was coming out of the house. That was the beautiful woman Zhan saw when they came around the neighborhood last week. She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw them.

"Hi! We're staying in the house a few blocks from here. We just come to welcome you and family...!" Said Ru Shi, very friendly.

The woman looked at Ru Shi carefully. Zhan who noticed it raised his brows, then he glanced at his wife who never stops smiling at the other woman.

"Oh my God.... Is that you, Ru Shi?" Gasped the woman. She covered her mouth with her hands.

Ru Shi's smile faded immediately when the woman mentions her name. Zhan furrowed his brows, wondering if these two women knew each other.

"Do you remember me?" Asked the woman. She grabbed Ru Shi's hands.

Ru Shi felt awkward for she couldn't recognize the other female.

"I'm Qeng Shan! Luo Qeng Shan! Your friend in secondary and high school....!" Cried the woman

Ru Shi tried to recall her memory when she still schooling and tried to remember the name. Suddenly she gasped.

"Qeng Shan! I remember!" Cried Ru Shi.

"How dare you forgetting me?!" The woman slapped Ru Shi's arm playfully.

"But you've changed a lot! You look very different without your specs!" Said Ru Shi.

"I know, I know....! I'm a nerd back then!" The woman sighed and rolled her eyes.

Ru Shi smiled. She observed the woman so-called her friend. She wasn't close to the woman back at school time. She knew her because they are in the same class since sec two. Ru Shi was the apple pie in the school, a pretty popular girl in school. Her soft attitude was likable by anyone, includes Qeng Shan. She would always find excuses to be able to talk to Ru Shi, and sometimes she will come around Ru Shi's house to do homework. Ru Shi started to like Qeng Shan who was bespectacled that time and often spends her time in the school library.

"You look so beautiful now. How can I recognize you?" Complimented Ru Shi.

The woman smiled. She glanced at Zhan who watching their conversation quietly, holding A Fei who clings to his hand.

"Aahh.... This is my husband, Xiao Zhan...!" Ru Shi introduced Zhan to her friend.

"Awh! You're so lucky to get a man as handsome as him!" Said the woman.

Ru Shi glanced at Zhan who smiling at the woman. She stroked Zhan's arm gently.

"He's a very loving husband...!" Announced Ru Shi. Then she glanced at her son. "And Papa....!" She continued.

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