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Qeng Shan was sitting in a Cafe. She seemed was waiting for someone. Right! In a short while, her expression brightened when she saw Ru Shi was entering the cafe.

"Hi! Sorry, I'm late....!" Said Ru Shi , slammed her butt on the chair in front of Qeng Shan.

"No worries. I don't wait for long....!" Replied Qeng Shan. "Do you want any drinks?" Asked her to Ru Shi.

"Let's talk first!" Ru Shi said, shaking her head.

"Alright....!" Qeng Shan leaned her back on the chair. "What is it?" Staring at Ru Shi in seriousness.

Ru Shi stared back at Qeng Shan. She looked hesitant to tell what is in her mind to Qeng Shan since it's about her relationship with Zhan. It would be embarrassing to her to tell her that their marriage that she was proud of as a strong one turns sour.

"Ru Shi?" Qeng Shan snapped Ru Shi from her thought.

Ru Shi flinched. She seemed nervous and uncomfortable.

"Let me order some drink first for you. Lemonade?" Qeng Shan said.

Ru Shi nodded.

Qeng Shan called a waiter and order a drink for Ru Shi. They stayed quiet. Qeng Shan looked at Ru Shi with a questioning look. She didn't want to ask her because she knows when Ru Shi is nervous, she won't get any answers from her until she calms down.

The drink they ordered came. Qeng Shan pushed the glass to the front of Ru Shi.

"Here! Drink first. Calm you down....!" Said Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi grabbed the glass and sucked her lemonade through the straw. After she finished 1/3 of it, she pushed the glass away and placed her hands on the table.

"Are you ready?" Asked Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi nodded.

"I'm all ears....!" Said Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi took a deep breath, then she slammed it through her nostrils.

"Let's do swinging!" Said Ru Shi.

Qeng Shan jumped on her seat out of shock.

"Ru Shi.... What are you talking about? What do you mean by swinging?" Asked Qeng Shan.

"Swinging is..." Ru Shi was about to explain to Qeng Shan but got cut off by the other woman.

"I know swing means. But... Why do you want to do it? Tell me, your problem....!" Said Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi heaved a sigh. She averted her gaze to the bustled street.

"I think.... My sex life with Zhan turns tasteless lately...." Ru Shi mumbled.

"So? Isn't it normal in the marriage life, right? You've been married for so long and you both also have a child. I think it's only temporary....!" Commented Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi turned to Qeng Shan and looked at her.

"That's why... I need to do something to get that back. Maybe he feels tired to always have sex with me without trying something challenging..." Replied Ru Shi.

"Why don't you try the different sex position, instead of doing the swing?" Asked Qeng Shan.

"We did!" Cried Ru Shi, raised her voice.

Qeng Shan looked around, see if anyone looking at them, but there is none. She turned to Ru Shi.

"We did..." Ru Shi lowered her voice again. "But this past one month, something is off with Zhan. I didn't find him enjoying making love with me. It's hard for me to get him erected and it took long for him to reach his climax. Sometimes he didn't cum at all...." Ru Shi let out a heavy sigh.

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