The Beginning

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Qeng Shan looked happy after Ru Shi and her family pay a visit to their house. Ru Shi decided to have another visit to Qeng Shan's house since she invited them for dinner.

"Ru Shi has a happy family. A good husband, a cute son... Her life is perfect!" commented Qeng Shan, when she was sitting on the back porch watching her husband plants the herbs plants in a long pot.

Yibo didn't respond to what she says. He was immersed with his activity. Qeng Shan got up from the swing and walked down the porch, approaching Yibo.

"Yibo... Don't you want to have a complete family like them?" asked Qeng Shan, touching Yibo's shoulder.

Yibo still didn't respond. He got up to move the plant to the other planting pot. Qeng Shan sighed, looking at Yibo who gives her his back.

"We've been married for three months. We never go on Honeymoon, I don't complain about it. You didn't even kiss me on the lips on the altar, I accepted it. But why don't you want to touch me even once? I'm your wife, Yibo. Your legally wife!" said Qeng Shan.

"Now you are complaining..." Yibo muttered under his breath, but loud enough for Qeng Shan to hear.

"Because I need you as my husband!" cried Qeng Shan, raised her.voice tone.

"You're the one who wants this marriage. Why are you complaining?" asked Yibo, still with his cold voice tone and never turned to Qeng Shan.

"Can't you love me even a bit?"

"I told you to not accept this arranged marriage, and you agreed with me that day. But when my parents came to h]your house to propose, why did you break your promise?"

"I love you! Because I want you, Yibo! I want to spend my life with you!"

Yibo stopped what he was doing. He stood up, still back facing Qeng Shan. Then, he turned around and stared at Qeng Shan with a sharp gaze.

"Don't you ever think that you have to ask how my feeling to you?" hissed Yibo.

"You love me, too!" replied Qeng Shan.

"How do you know?" Yibo scoffed.

"We're friends since the university, and you are the first friend I got in there. Our relationship was very close. We always study together, went out together, went to the movie, dinner, and even you are my date to go to the prom!" said Qeng Shan.

"Then you took it wrong! I did that was not because I want to date you! But you had no good friends in college! I never have a special feeling for you. Don't you remember how your look back in college? You more look like a nerd, and I can't see people bully you and look you down. And you're happened to attend the same class as me. I was feeling bad to see you terrified every time you came to the campus!"

"But now I've changed! I've changed my look and style. It's for you! Why can't you love me back?"

"I have told you. I don't love you. And never will..." said Yibo his voice toned down again and deep. Then he turned back and resume what he has left.

Qeng Shan looked at Yibo's back with hurtful gaze. Tears glistened in her eyes. She turned around and went into the house before the first tear trickled down her face.

When he heard the sound of the house door being slammed shut, Yibo stopped his activity again. He stunned with hands rested on the edge of the big planting pot. Slowly his fingers curled inward and grip on it tightly.


Ru Shi was setting up the table for dinner that evening. She carried a big bowl of hot soup.

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